Stylish Maltipoo Picking Out Her Barbie Outfit Is “Cuteness Overload”

Malitipoo picking out outfit

Gather around dog enthusiasts, your breaths are about to be taken away! As we all know, Maltipoos are no strangers to cuteness, their adorable appearance and friendliness makes it even easier to love them to the moon.

This exceptional small dog breed is a perfect combination of Maltese and Poodles, so it is no wonder they are so super friendly, welcoming, and charming. Makes you want to pick them up every time and give them a tight hug.

Well, it is quite certain that we haven’t seen enough of this breed’s cuteness as Chiffon didn’t stylishly come to play. Get ready to be blown away by Chiffon’s great choice of clothes, and accessories.


How do you like my choices? 💗🐩 Toys: @DOG BABY™️ • ‘CHIFFON20’ Collar necklace: @belapawandco • ‘CHIFFON20’ Left dress: @Posh Puppy Boutique • ‘CHIFFON’ #barbie #dog #dogfashion #cutedog #dogclothes

♬ Barbie Girl – Aqua

When it comes to style, Chiffon has got it! She’s obviously a fashionista and an astounding one at that. In the video clip, Chiffon’s mum presents her two choices of clothes and accessories and she picks the most adorable one out of the two.

She’s done dressing up, and we can’t help but gush over the outcome of fantastic choices. Chiffon does look breathtaking in her outfit, she must know this as she does a little happy dance as she looks pretty in pink.

There are several reasons why you should own a maltipoo and this right here is one of them, no doubt about the fact that they are one of the most adorable dogs you can find, and they also do have a fashion sense that will amaze you.

They are super fluffy and cuddly, extremely lovable, intelligent dogs, and their flashy puppy eyes will keep you dazed forever.

So if you are all about style, poise, fun-loving, and affectionate dogs, Maltipoos are the one for you.

Just like Chiffon, they can bring fashion to life whilst lighting up your whole world with love and loyalty. We are absolutely star-struck by Chiffon and would love to see more videos like this of her.

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