Stray Dog With Arrow Wounds Gets Saved By A Compassionate Doctor

Jasmine Okechukwu
Dog with arrow wounds

Sometimes life can be a bit unfair even for dogs too. There are so many instances where dogs have been subjected to endure agony due to some unfortunate happenings in their lives. It is heart-wrenching and hurtful to see these fur angels go through these bad experiences.

For one, they sure are a source of joy in so many households and they definitely deserve all the love in the world. However, bliss and happiness can fade away over time for some of them, and what used to look like a happy ending could in fact turn into their greatest nightmare.

In some cases, these animals are abandoned, returned to the shelter, or simply neglected by their owners, while in others they get lost or lose their owner causing them to recoil to grief and loneliness, and eventually results in them becoming strays.

This is why is it super pleasing and elating to see them get a new chance and live a more promising life with great assurance of companionship, joy, affection, and never-ending love.

This story covers the ordeal of Mingda a sweet and adorable pup shot with an arrow in his chest area and found in the middle of the road seeking help. Will she really get over what was done to her? Read along to find out.

Who Could Hurt Such A Sweet Soul

There is nothing as painful as watching a dog in such a distressful situation. No dog parent or human should ever resort to hurting their pets as this doesn’t only inflict physical pain on them but also scars them emotionally.

In Mingda’s case, it is an extreme act of cruelty. Of course, there is no explanation as to how an arrow found its way through the chest of this poor dog, it was truly unkind to leave Mingda out on the street with no actual hope for immediate medical care.

Whatever must have led to this inhumane act toward this fur baby whether it was premeditated, impulsive, or a terrible mistake, no dog, and certainly not Mingda deserves to go through that.

It was absolutely a relief that there were concerned people around to help Mingda seek medical attention as soon as possible.

Would Mingda Make It?

No doubt about the fact that Mingda must have been terrified from experiencing such a tragic turn of events. As he stood in the middle of the road trembling, scared, and confused, he somehow still had a little faith in humanity and hoped that a good samaritan would come to his rescue.

Luckily, some concerned passersby swift into immediate action by putting a call through to the right authorities. It did take about 15 minutes for them to arrive but Mingda knew he had to remain strong for himself while he waited.

Now standing by the side of the road, with a compassionate person by his side, help finally comes. The doctor rushed him to the clinic, and after several tests and x-rays, it was diagnosed that the arrow did in fact pierce through Mingda’s lungs and barely missed his heart.

Mingda had a lot of blood in his chest which is another cause for concern for his survival from such serious injuries as he was slowly losing consciousness. Emergency surgery was done on him and after 2 long hours, Mingda was carried out of the operating room still a warrior clinching on to life.

After an hour of the surgery, this super strong and amazing dog could now stand on his feet but he wasn’t exactly out of the woods yet as there was a 72-hour danger period. Fortunately, there is big hope for recovery for Mingda, as he continues to prove to his doctor, and other concerned individuals that he wasn’t one to give up easily.

Can Mingda Reestablish Trust In Humans Again?

There is no telling how hurt and betrayed he must have felt when the sharp edge of the arrow pierced through him. He is obviously devastated by the whole experience as the people who he trust and maybe used to love him in return could do such a thing to him.

Whilst receiving treatment, Mingda was so timid, he looked so depressed, that it was evident that though he was recovering from the stab wounds, his broken heart hadn’t healed.

However, even after all he had been through, Mingda, still maintained his tender heart, he remained approachable and didn’t show any signs of aggression toward anyone. It was clear that his faith in humanity hadn’t died.

Gradually, he began to open up more to human affection. He also got a new friend, a piglet that was also admitted the same day of his surgery.

As time went on, Mingda finally embraced the love that was getting from his rescuers and doctor with a big smile on his face and a wagging tail. He obviously still believes that he can be loved genuinely and trusts humans.

Every Story Has a Happy Ending, Some Happier than Others

After about 3 weeks post-surgery, Mingda was firm on his feet, jumping and running around the hospital with so much enthusiasm. His bond with his doctor becomes stronger than ever as he shows so much excitement every time Dr. Chen walks into the hospital.

Surely, Mingda is super grateful to him and all others for saving his life. For the first time, he goes for a motorcycle ride with his newfound best friend. Due to how much joy Mingda brings to his life, Dr. Chen adopts him officially.

He finally finds a forever home with an amazing Dad who turns out to be a vet and it becomes obvious that their relationship is a match made in heaven.

Occasionally, he goes to the hospital with his dad with his fur sister. Mingda who used to be timid and scared of human interactions is currently flourishing in love and trust.

No doubt, Mingda will live a happy and fulfilled life with his new family. He certainly deserves all the love in the world and it is such a great thing that he is receiving all the best things in life.

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