Stray Cat’s Life Changes After An Accident That Leads To The Premature Birth Of Her Kittens

Jasmine Okechukwu
Cat gives birth by the roadside

Cats are one of the most loved animals in the world and it is no surprise that it is so. These four-legged sweethearts have long been winning hearts with their adorable, intelligent, and smart personalities.

However it is still sad that despite being the most frequent types of pets, there are still a lot of them out in the streets fighting and striving for their survival at every hour of the day every day. Despite these hardships, cats never fail to show their resilience and agility to face challenges in their lives.

This story is about the sad reality of a mother cat who got hit by a motorcycle and had to birth her kittens prematurely due to stress and the pain of a broken jaw and fractured spine.

Found On The Road Side With Her Kittens

On a fateful morning, a rescue team was alerted of a cat lying by the roadside almost unconscious with her tiny little kittens. No one knows exactly how much pain she must have been through but it must have been a whole lot as it induced her to go into premature labor.

When the rescue team got to where she was, this new mum cat wasn’t able to respond to any stimulation. It was obvious that if she didn’t get the treatment she needs immediately this poor cat might not make it .

From the look of things, she has a broken jaw as her jaw was shifted and possibly a fractured spine which is all as a result of the impact of the accident. Knowing this for a fact, the rescuers carefully took her alongside her kittens to the vet where they can get the intensive care they require.

Getting The Treatment She Needs

At the vet, this poor cat’s vitals were checked and it wasn’t looking good so she was placed on oxygen to aid her breathing.

She was obviously going through so much and won’t be able to care for her kittens and so caring and nursing them was now the responsibility of the rescuers. The task, however, wasn’t going to be easy as the vet confirmed that the kittens are indeed premature and underweight and require a special diet and care.

The kittens were to be fed kitten milk replacers and tenderly stimulated so that they could pass out waste. After each feeding session, they were all placed on a heated pad to help provide enough warmth to them as they definitely needed it.

After ensuring that the kittens were well taken care of, they continued to focus on trying to make the mother better. A series of tests and X-rays were done on her to figure out ways to help her. Also, an ultrasound was performed to check for any unborn kittens and luckily none were found.

Sadly, she wouldn’t be able to eat solid foods due to her shifted jaw and she might not be able to walk properly because of the spine injury as well but this wasn’t enough reason for her rescuers to give up on her.

She’s Taken Home

After receiving all the necessary medical advice from the vet, the recovering cat is taken home. She is placed on a liquid diet and kept in a separate cage to properly monitor her recovery.

After a while of resting and recuperating, she was reintroduced to her kittens. Irrespective of the pain she was going through, this injured cat did not hesitate to nurse them.

But then the vet advised against placing the cat with her kitten as her jaw was still not intact and might not be able to heal with the stress of grooming her kittens.

She Can Walk Again

After a duration of two months of patience and dedication, the cat can finally walk around on her own without help, there’s surely a glimmer of light in her face now. Her recovery was indeed a miracle and was a result of the unwavering care and support of her rescuers.

With gratitude in her heart, she leans more towards her humans and allows them to give her all the love and comfort that she needs. She is named Stella by those who love her.

She can now reunite with her fur babies as she is now better than ever. Unfortunately, she lost one of her kittens but being with her two surviving kittens was enough to make her happy. The entire story about this cat is proof that extending love, kindness, and patience to animals can go a long way for them.

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