19 Slowest Dog Breeds In The World (Ranked)

Slowest Dog Breeds In The World

Whether slow or fast, dogs are one the best companions to have, they bring a certain aura to the home which can be pretty exciting and welcoming. Most dog parents who have to leave for work every morning, look forward to reuniting with their dogs at the end of the day.

It is imperative to adopt a breed that fits into your lifestyle, or else it might become overwhelming for you and the dog. This is because you might have expectations that the dog can not meet up with, and this can take a toll on the relationship or bond.

Most dog breeds are lazier than others, faster than others, and in this case, some are slower than others. Active individuals would have to go for active or fast breeds as these breeds can keep up with their lifestyles. You also must ensure that these dog breeds are vaccinated against illnesses and diseases.

However, some people, especially senior citizens, may prefer to adopt dog breeds that are less likely to run faster than they would hope to. If you are searching for slow dog breeds to add to the family, you are in the right place, as we have compiled 19 slowest dog breeds perfect for adoption.

19 Slowest Dog Breeds In The World

Based on their speed, the following dog breeds will fit perfectly for owners who prefer dogs that wouldn’t require a lot of running or exercise.

1. Japanese Chin

Best Speed: 8 – 10 miles per hour.

Japanese Chin
Source: Lostin Texas//Wikimedia Commons

The Japanese chins are active, smart, and loving companions. They are perfect dog breeds for the family and people living alone. For owners who may not have much time to spare per day for exercise, the Japanese chin breeds sure wouldn’t mind at all as they require about 20-30 minutes of exercise daily.

They are usually not hyperactive dogs and prefer going for slow walks. Japanese chin breeds are loyal to the core and may even develop separation anxiety as they can get easily attached to their owners.

Initially, this breed mainly was pets to Japanese royalties, but over the years, they became popular in the United States. They have fluffy ears, silky fur, and adorable eyes that are quite captivating. Japanese chin dog breeds can fit anywhere and would stay by your side.

2. Chow Chow

Chow Chow
Source: Томасина//Wikimedia Commons

Best Speed: 13 – 15 miles per hour

Chow Chow dog breeds are known to be very cool, calm, and distant breeds. Although they are large dogs, they love to stay indoors. Chow chow doesn’t socialize much with people and other pets, so they can be quite vicious around unfamiliar faces as they only trust individuals they are very fond of.

This can make them quite territorial and unfriendly but with the right training, it wouldn’t be a problem. With their cool demeanor, Chow Chow breeds require less exercise, preferably on evening strolls that shouldn’t be more than an hour.

Naturally, Chow chows are not very active dogs, and they may only show love, devotion, and loyalty to the only member of the family

3. Pugs

Source: Abuk SABUK//Wikimedia Commons

Best Speed: 9 miles per hour

Pugs are another dog breed that can be pretty slow. Their small legs and stocky bodies are the major reasons this breed is quite slow and can’t run for long. Their body structures don’t make it very easy for them to be fast. They sure love to eat some human food so you can bond with them by sharing your meals.

They are barrel-shaped and their weight puts a lot of stress on their knees and hips. Pugs are smart, friendly, loyal, and playful dogs. They can get along with every member of the family including strangers in most cases. Pugs are very good and gentle with kids and tolerant with other house pets.

4. Chihuahua

Source: Caterinarufo//Wikimedia Commons

Best Speed: 8 miles per hour

Chihuahuas are little dogs with small legs and no matter how fast they think they are running, in reality, they are slow. Their size is the major reason why these dogs are slow and can’t run too far away despite their urge to run far off.

This breed is very stubborn and can be quite jealous. They can get easily pissed, and even with their small size, they can be fearless as well. Chihuahuas have a low tolerance for children and other pets.

5. Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu
Source: Marcelo RosaMelo//Wikimedia Commons

Speed: 6 miles per hour

Shih Tzu is a Chinese word that means little lion. This high-maintenance breed is definitely not an ideal running mate as they can hardly keep up with human speed when running or jogging. Instead, they will prefer a slow evening walk that would last for about 30-45 minutes.

Shih Tzu breeds are active dogs but they love to sunbathe sometimes or lie around in a cool spot. They stop growing around 10 months and bark lesser than some other breeds. and in exchange for their low exercise requirements, they have a lot of grooming needs.

This breed is known to be beautiful, adorable, loyal, calm, and requires a lot of attention. When they do not get the attention they so crave they might sulk until it is given.

6. Lhasa Apso

Lhasa Apso
Source: Sheba_Also//Wikimedia Commons

Best Speed: 7 miles per hour.

This dog breed is super adorable dogs that are popular for their floor-length fur. They are very petite in size but they are fun, loving, and affectionate dog breeds. Lhasa dog breeds are quite protective so it is best to expect them to bark excessively.

They require less exercise but their owners will have to make up for it by grooming them. Their fur needs to be brushed frequently else it may get matted, they are also very susceptible to quite a number of health issues such as eye problems, cataracts, glaucoma, dental diseases, and so on.

Lhasa apso are not good running mates, they’d rather go on slow walks and it is best to take them out for walks in the evening as the temperature is usually favorable for them at this time. Exposure to too much heat may cause them to have heatstroke due to the thickness of their fur.

7. English Bulldogs

English Bulldog
Source: Ultimoribelle//Wikimedia Commons

Best Speed: 8 – 10 miles per hour.

Bulldogs are buff dogs that are plump, chubby, and rounded. The nature of their bodies tends to slow them down. And although they may not do very well in speed due to how muscular they are, English bulldogs are very loving, devoted, and loyal dogs.

They have the ability to bond well with their owners, and their unique physique can be very intimidating and this is why most of them are misunderstood. This breed can be very social, friendly, and gentle with kids and other pets with proper training.

8. Dachshunds

Source: Katemil94//Wikimedia Commons

Best Speed: 8 miles per hour.

Dachsunds, otherwise known as sausage dogs, have a very peculiar and unique appearance. They have very short and stubby legs, which causes them to be very slow.

They are active and not lazy for a run but you might to slow down your pace as their legs can’t take them too far.

They are energetic dogs and would burn a lot of energy running, which tires them out instantly. It is best to take it slow with dachshunds breeds, and taking them on a walk at a slow pace is very suitable for them. Dachshunds can be pretty picky about food, so giving them the best meals is a great idea.

9. Pomeranians

Source: Rob Hanson//Wikimedia Commons

Best Speed: 8 miles per hour.

The pomeranian dog breeds are very charming and lovable dogs, they are small-sized but can fearlessly challenge bigger dogs and other threats. Due to their petite nature, the pomeranian breeds can be very slow.

They are not fit for rigorous exercises such as running or jogging, so it is highly recommended to only engage them in slow walks or strolls regularly. This breed can be very noisy as they tend to bark excessively, but they are very affectionate and friendly towards strangers and other pets.

10. Bichon Frise

Bichon Frise
Source: Bernt Fransson//Wikimedia Commons

Best Speed: 8 – 9 miles per hour.

Bichon Frise breeds are dogs with large hearts. They can easily get attached to the owners, this is why they do not like to be left alone for long. Bichon Frise is quite popular for their separation anxiety but this doesn’t stop them from being great family members as they can coexist with other pets as well.

These small, sturdy, adorable, extremely loyal, and playful dogs are usually better off with slow evening work that shouldn’t last more than an hour.

11. Sussex Spaniel

Sussex Spaniel
Source: Pleple2000//Wikimedia Commons

Best Speed: 8 miles per hour.

This breed is very slow but this doesn’t mean they are not great hunters or that they are not very helpful for hunting. They have a strong sense of smell that can help track and sniff out small games.

Although they love outdoor activities, this breed cherishes family time. Sussex spaniels are perfect family dogs, they are playful, loyal, lovable dogs that can be pretty protective of their owners and property.

Their fur, however, has to be brushed regularly to prevent it from matting as it has a very high tendency of doing so. You can also engage the Sussex spaniel breeds in any activity as long as it is at a slow or moderate pace.

12. English Toy Spaniel

English Toy Spaniel
Source: Antoine91// Wikimedia Commons

Best Speed: 8 -10 miles per hour.

The English toy spaniel, also called King Charles Spaniels; Prince Charles Spaniels are very easygoing, peaceful, and quiet dogs. They do not require a lot of exercise and would love to go for slow-paced walks.

This breed is susceptible to heat stroke as their fur can be very thick, and this is why it is best to take them on a stroll at cool times and ensure when they are indoors the AC stays on.

13. Basset Hounds

Basset Hounds
Source:: jimapics// Wikimedia Commons

Best Speed: 5 – 10 miles per hour.

The basset hounds are very slow dogs due to their small and sturdy feet. They are very petite and easygoing dogs. Despite their small size, they do not require much attention like other breeds. They are independent and do well on their own, however, they are usually the happiest when they have company.

Basset hounds are not very smart dogs; they are very fond of barking. It can be somewhat difficult to train them as they are slow learners, but this doesn’t mean they can’t be trained.

14. Pekingese

Source: SheltieBoy//Wikimedia Commons

Best Speed: 10 miles per hour.

Pekingese are very prone to overheating which can in turn cause health issues like heatstroke. This makes it very convenient that they do not run too fast. They are known to carry themselves in class and with dignity. They do not like engaging in rigorous activity as they get exhausted pretty easily.

This breed is easygoing, affectionate, independent, kid-friendly, and very well-trained. The Pekingese breed love to be pampered and would also require a lot of grooming.

15. Keeshond

Source: Canarian//Wikimedia Commons

Best Speed: 15 miles per hour.

The keeshond are very smart dogs, they are closely related to the Chow Chow breed. They are great companions and watchdogs. However, they do not have the ability to run fast and this makes it a bad idea to involve them in activities that require running and jogging.

16.  St Bernard

St Bernard
Source: Alan Levine//Wikimedia Commons

Speed: 15 miles per hour

Although this breed is big and muscular dogs, they are not capable of running fast due to their weight. These giant dogs are not ideal for jogging or running, they were originally bred for rescuing alpine.

Saint bernard may not have enough speed but they are one of the strongest dogs in the world. They are smart, affectionate, calm, and very protective.

17. Newfoundland

Source: Canarian//Wikimedia Commons

Best Speed: 15 miles per hour

The Newfoundland breed is one of the slowest dogs in the world due to its physique. This may be very large but they find it difficult to move very fast. They prefer to move at their own pace when exercising, so it will be a bad idea to take them along with you while running.

These dogs are lovers of water, you will be doing them a lot of good taking them to the lake rather than the park. They are the best dog breeds for ships and sailors.

18. Bernese Mountain Dogs

Bernese Mountain Dog
Source: AnetaAp//Wikimedia Commons

Best Speed: 15 miles per hour.

Bernese mountain dogs are big, strong, and beautiful dogs. They are sometimes mistaken as st bernards because of large they are. However, this breed is very different from St. Bernard; they have ties with the Roman mastiff, and because of their build, Bernese mountain dogs are not very fast.

They have thick, moderately long, and silky furs that warm them during winter. This breed is a perfect addition to the family as they do well around kids and other family members.

Bernese mountain dogs may be slow, but they have outstanding endurance levels.

19. Neapolitan Mastiff

Neapolitan Mastiff
Source: Bramans//Wikimedia Commons

Best Speed: 15 miles per hour.

It is tough for this breed to run at all due to their massive muscle and excessive weight. The Neapolitan Mastiff is not a great running companion but does require a good amount of exercise regularly.

It is best to engage them in moderate walks, allowing them to run and jog for an extended period can cause them to overheat and lead to heat stroke.


Dogs do not have to have great speed to be the best companions. And it doesn’t matter about their sizes as both small dogs and large dogs can be slow. However, it is essential to adopt the breed that can best fit your lifestyle.

People with very tight schedules can adopt some of the dog breeds listed in this article, as most of them require less exercise and can do well on their own.

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