4 Unmistakable Signs Your Dog Wants to Start Their Own Fashion Line

Sign Your Dog Wants To Start A Fashion Line

Oh, the wonderful world of dogs and fashion! If you’ve ever chuckled at the sight of a Pomeranian in a tutu or a bulldog in a tuxedo, you know what I’m talking about. Over the years, as an avid dog parent and writer, I’ve seen a captivating intersection of pooches and panache.

It seems like our furry friends are no longer just happy being by our side; they’re eager to steal the limelight, especially in the fashion world. Imagine a scenario where your dog isn’t just following fashion trends but wants to set them.

Humorous as it might sound, it’s possible! Let’s explore the signs that suggest your dog is ready to have a runway show of their very own.

Sign #1. Your Dog Stares Longingly at Fashion Magazines

We’ve all had those moments, relaxing on our couch, flipping through a glossy fashion magazine, when suddenly, we feel a pair of eyes on us. It’s not a jealous friend or a curious sibling, but our loyal four-legged buddy, staring intently at the magazine.

And no, it’s not that leftover sandwich you had earlier they’re after; it’s the glossy pages with the latest fashion ensembles that catch their attention. I remember a time when my Golden Retriever, Charlie, sat beside me and seemed utterly entranced by a spread of summer outfits.

Every time I turned a page, his eyes would dart, tracing the patterns and textures with an almost human-like fascination. It was as if he was silently critiquing each outfit, deciding which would best suit his golden coat.

But Charlie isn’t alone in his fashion-forward sentiments. The digital age has given rise to some fabulous furry fashionistas. Platforms like Instagram and TikTok are bursting with dog influencers, sporting everything from boho-chic bandanas to elegant evening gowns.

Clearly, the canine world isn’t just sitting and staying; they’re strutting and slaying in the fashion game. If your dog too can’t help but be drawn to those vibrant fashion spreads, perhaps they’re hinting at their own haute couture dreams.

Sign #2. They Show a Distinct Preference for Certain Outfits

It’s Saturday morning. You’re sorting through a pile of tiny dog outfits, ready to dress up your fur baby for the day. As you hold up two options—a cozy fleece sweater and a stylish denim jacket—you notice a tail wagging more vigorously at the sight of the denim.

I’ve been there. My little Beagle, Lucy, has a penchant for her red polka-dot dress. Every time I take it out, her eyes light up, and she starts doing this little excited dance. However, when I once tried a plain gray hoodie on her, she gave me a look that clearly said, “Really? This old thing?” and trotted away, clearly unimpressed.

But how do you know it’s not just about comfort? Well, think about it. Dogs have an innate sense of what feels good on their fur and skin. But when they consistently choose or show excitement for that sequined vest or the brightly colored scarf over the plain, super-soft cotton tee, it’s evident they’re making a style statement.

What’s even more telling is their behavior post-outfit selection. Ever noticed how your dog seems to strut a bit more confidently in one outfit compared to another?

Lucy, for instance, becomes the queen of our local park in her polka-dot dress, parading around as if she’s on a fashion runway. Yet, when she’s in something less flashy, she’s more subdued, almost like she’s saying, “I’m just here, blending in.”

Dogs, much like us, have days when they want to stand out, and days they’d rather blend in. But when they consistently lean towards those trendier options, it might be a sign they’re ready to lead in the fashion department.

Sign #3. Your Canine Makes Their Own Modifications to Clothes and Accessories

Dog modifying clothes and accessories

There’s creativity, and then there’s canine creativity. Our dogs, believe it or not, might just be the upcoming fashion designers we never knew we needed. Their sense of style might be unconventional, but it surely is unique.

Let me paint a picture for you. One day, I laid out a newly bought scarf with beautiful fringes on the ends. A while later, I found Max, my mischievous Dachshund, tugging at the fringes, almost redesigning the whole look.

To my surprise, he wasn’t destroying it but rather seemed to be giving it his own “Max touch”. When he was done, the scarf had an asymmetric, boho look. Instead of getting upset, I wore it, and the compliments just kept coming!

It’s not just about the playful destruction. Dogs have a natural curiosity and attraction to different textures and materials. Some dogs might be drawn to the softness of velvets, while others might be mesmerized by the shimmer of sequins.

If you’ve ever noticed your dog burying their nose in a specific fabric or playfully pawing at sequined cushions, it’s evident they have a certain material preference.

And speaking of DIY, this canine inclination towards customization has inspired many pet owners to craft one-of-a-kind fashion pieces for their pets. The DIY dog fashion trend is rising from hand-sewn bandanas to uniquely painted vests. After all, who better to inspire personalized fashion than our tail-wagging buddies with a knack for design?

Sign #4. They Strike a Pose Every Time a Camera is Around

Have you ever tried to snap a candid shot of your pup, only to have them turn, tilt their head, and give you that perfect pose? Some dogs, it seems, have an innate sense of when the camera’s on them, and they’re more than ready for their close-up.

Rosie, my neighbor’s poodle, is the epitome of camera-ready. Whether she’s playing fetch or lounging on the porch, the moment she spots a camera, it’s as if a switch flips. She’ll sit tall, often with a paw gracefully lifted, giving you that magazine-cover-worthy shot. It’s evident: that Rosie loves the spotlight.

This natural flair hasn’t gone unnoticed. Over the past few years, we’ve seen the ascent of dog models in the pet fashion industry. Just as human models influence fashion trends, these four-legged stars are setting the pace in the canine couture world.

Brands are recognizing the appeal and are quick to onboard these furry influencers for their campaigns.

Take, for instance, @mochi_theminidapple on Instagram. With a following of over 4,000, this stylish Dachshund is known for her impeccable fashion choices and her ability to pose like a pro.

Or consider @Leo.olivia.jolie on TikTok, the Maltese siblings who are not only a trendsetter but also inspires other dog parents to explore fashion with their pets. These trailblazing dogs are not just showcasing fashion; they’re inspiring a generation of canine fashion enthusiasts.

So, next time your dog strikes a pose, maybe, just maybe, they’re hinting at joining the ranks of these influential furry fashion icons.

Wrapping It Up

Sense might just be one of the most delightful ones. As responsible and loving dog parents, why not nurture this? Start with some comfortable, stylish outfits that align with their preferences. Maybe even try your hand at a DIY project, crafting a unique piece just for them.

At the end of the day, fashion is all about expression. And who says our dogs don’t have a style statement to make? So, if you’ve been seeing these signs and chuckling at your dog’s quirky behavior, perhaps it’s time to consider something exciting.

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