Are Service Dogs Allowed In Pool Areas?

Jasmine Okechukwu
Are Service Dogs Allowed In Pool Areas

Service dogs are phenomenal dogs that have become integral to individuals with special needs. They create a safe space for their owners by rendering a helping “paw’ where needed. It is only natural to feel attached to your service dog enough to want to take them along with you everywhere you go.

However, there are restraining factors about places service dogs are allowed to be. Unlike other dogs, service dogs are not allowed in certain places such as places of worship but can they be around the pool area while working?

Yes, service dogs are allowed in pool areas. That said, the ADA law states that service dogs should not be allowed in the swimming pool but can be allowed in places where the public goes like the pool deck and the changing room.

In this article, we will expose key factors that need to be known about service dogs in the pool area. We will also provide you with a range of information that will help have a better understanding of where service dogs are allowed and where they are not.

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Overview Of Service Dogs

Service dogs are specifically trained dogs that help individuals with disabilities to be more independent on their own. Service dogs have been greatly utilized for over a century and were referred to as guide dogs.

There are different types of service dogs for separate tasks, for example, guide dogs are trained to assist the blind, hearing dogs help the deaf, diabetic alert dogs for diabetic individuals, seizure alert dogs, seizure response dogs, allergen detecting dogs for people with allergies and psychiatric support dogs.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) has been implemented to protect service dogs and individuals that rely on them, this endorses the use of service dogs in public spaces. This, however, doesn’t mean that service dogs are allowed everywhere in public.

Typically, certain places such as restaurants, malls, pool area, and grocery stores are welcoming by law but specific places like the kitchens in restaurants and the swimming pool is strictly prohibited for service dogs.

Because of their crucial tasks and their important role in their owners’ lives. Service dogs are licensed to have access to places dogs will normally not be allowed to be.

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Service Dogs Restricted Areas

Although service dogs are authorized to enter public places, there are still some areas where they are not allowed to go to. Here are the places that service dogs can not go;

  1. Swimming pools
  2. Place of worship (mosques, synagogues. temples, and churches).
  3. Zoos
  4. Operating room.
  5. Boarding schools.

Areas Service Dogs Are Allowed

Service dogs are not considered “pets, ” which is why they are allowed access to places where pets are not strictly prohibited. Here are the places service dogs are authorized to go with their human without restrictions;

  1. Hotels and motels
  2. Private and public universities
  3. Trains and taxis
  4. Hospital and ambulance
  5. Art galleries
  6. Movie theatres
  7. Grocery stores and shopping malls
  8. Restuarant, cafes, cafeterias and diners.

Final Thought

Service dogs are amazing help dogs that individuals with disabilities can depend on. They have been trained in specific areas to assist their humans that are either blind, deaf, allergic, or mentally ill.

Due to how dependable these dogs are and how important their roles are in the lives of people with special needs, many have wondered if they are allowed in the pool area as well as other places.

Service dogs are allowed around the pool area, including the changing room but they re not allowed in the swimming pool. So be rest assured that your companion can accompany you to the pool.

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