My AC Broke – Will My Dog Be Okay?


Hot temperatures are intolerable for dogs, which is why many dog owners worry about their dogs whenever their air conditioning is faulty or, in this case, broken. Dogs are furry, and this makes them very sensitive to heat.

This situation is usually worst during summer as the temperature is high, at this point, it is essential to watch your dog closely because dogs find it hard to withstand heat like humans. The AC is one crucial home appliance that helps keep the house cool and refreshing.

It provides the best room temperatures for dogs and humans alike, but when it is broken, you worry a lot for your canine friend and wonder if they’d be okay.

Heat can be very problematic for dogs, and it is not okay to leave your dog to sit around in high temperatures as they can develop heatstrokes which can sometimes lead to death.

It is best always to find a solution or an alternative to keep your dog cool and protected from heat shocks. In this article, you will be seeing a lot more about how to keep your dog calm when the AC isn’t functioning.

Can Dogs Stay In A Room Without AC?

It is not advisable to leave your dog in scorching temperatures condition.

During summer, the sun is usually the hottest and this can be very unbearable for dogs. Dogs do not have sweat glands, their bodies let go of heat when they pant through their mouths no wonder they pant a lot.

Some breeds handle heat better than others, for instance, the schipperke breed, their bodies absorb a lot of heat making them susceptible to heat stroke. Senior dogs are also at high risk of heat-related health issues if exposed to high temperatures.

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How To Ensure That Your Dog Is Cool

Making sure your dog is in a cool environment is very important as dogs can not withstand heat as humans do because they do not have sweat glands. Air conditioning is prone to developing issues from time to time, and it is pretty advisable to have a plan B when this happens especially when you have a dog or pet in your home. With or without a functioning AC you can keep your dog cool and safe from extreme heat.

Ensure There Is Ventilation

The whole has to be ventilated, this means all the windows have to be opened to regulate the flow of breeze into the house.

However, be sure to be very cautious when leaving your window open to prevent theft and home invasions. It is also a good idea to make use of the fans in the house, fans are very good alternatives for ACs.

Keep Your Pet Hydrated

Ensure that your dog has access to fresh and clean water during this time. Staying hydrated can ease the effect of the heat. Unlike when the AC was working perfectly, you might want to try adding a few ice cubes to your dog’s water to improve the cooling effects.

Wading Pool/ Bath Time

If your dog is the kind that loves spending some leisure time in the wading pool, well now is the best time to have some fun in the pool. Position the wading pool in an area with shade, and hang around to supervise your dog.

Always allow your dog to enjoy as much time as it wishes to in the pool. You can also give your dog a very cool bath to help them relax after long hours in the house without air conditioning.

Use Cooling Mats

A cooling mat is another nice way to regulate your dog’s temperature and protect them from heat shock. They are very helpful and therapeutic, you can use them to pamper your canine friend until the AC gets fixed.

Reduce Outdoor Activities

You really do not want your dog to get all worked up outdoors. This can make them feel overheated and dehydrated. With the AC broken, your doggo should remain indoors most of the time especially if it is very hot outside.

Once your dog does its business outside, take them in immediately. You can still take them for walks but it should be in the evening when the sun is down and the environment is cool.

What Is The Best Room Temperature for Dogs?

The best indoor temperature for your doggo is between 70-77 degrees F. However, when the temperature is anywhere above 80 degrees F, it becomes dangerous to them. Overheating begins when a dog’s internal temperature reaches 104 degrees F, this can be very unpleasant as the dog may experience heat stroke.

There are some factors that determine the best temperature for dogs and they are the dog’s size, age, coat, weight, state of health, and age.

Is It Safe To Leave My Air Conditioner On While My Dog IS Home?

It is absolutely safe to leave the AC on with your dog at home, in fact, it is the ideal thing to do. Turning the AC off can be very devastating for dogs. Unlike humans who can wear more befitting clothing for heat, dogs can not do away with their fur.

Leaving the AC on would not cause any harm to the dogs, it helps to keep them in a very comfortable and convenient temperature.


Leaving your dog at home with a broken AC is not safe. This is because dogs do not have sweat glands and staying in a room with high temperature can cause the dog to experience heat shock.

Heat shock sometimes can be very deadly, so it is best to avoid it at all costs.

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