Why Doesn’t My Pomeranian Wag His Tail?

Why Doesn't My Pomeranian Wag His Tail?

Pomeranians are active and beautiful dogs in different ranges of unique colors. They are popularly known for their fluffiness and great personalities, which makes them a perfect addition to a home with kids.

Without being sentimental, there are many reasons to fall in love with canines; they are all unique and easily lovable. Dogs quickly bond with others, showing how much they love their owners by wagging their tails whenever they come around.

However, Pomeranians are no exception, as they wag their tails aggressively when they get super excited. It can be disappointing to come back home after a long day at work and your best buddy doesn’t show signs of excitement which is usually to wag his tail.

This can be even more concerning when it keeps happening over an extended time, and you won’t be wrong to wonder why your pom doesn’t wag his tail.

Pomeranians may stop wagging their tails depending on how they feel. For most, boredom, stress, limber tail, depression, and a learned behavior are possible reasons.

Poms are naturally happy, friendly, and companionable dogs. And it is not very common behavior for them to not wag their tails when excited. Finding out what could possibly be the cause can get you on the right path to finding a perfect solution.

After reading this article, you will understand the reasons why your pom would wag his tail and find out detailed information on what to do about it. So let’s get started.

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Understanding Why Pomeranians Wag Their Tails

Pomeranians are not just naturally happy dogs; they are very courageous and confident dogs that are very vocal about their emotions. Wagging their tails and other body language is a way to communicate their emotions to their owner as well as other animals.

These dogs breed express themselves primarily by wagging their tails; usually, happiness is not the only emotion that causes them to wag their tails. Other feelings such as nervousness, submission, anxiety, or fear.

Although how they wag their tails depends on the surge of emotion they feel. When they feel the excitement, their tails become erect and shake very energetically; other emotions do not cause them to wag their tails as fiercely.

Asides from barking, tail wagging is another great communication method dogs use to convey their emotions, and sometimes there might be a problem when your pomeranian doesn’t wag his or her tail.

Pomeranian Doesnt Wag His Tail: What It Means

Pomeranians are seemingly active dogs; they love to be around their owners and can be accommodating of other familiar faces. Generally, they are very smart, teachable, confident, and alert dogs.

They are so charming and adorable when they are happy and wag their tails. However, if your pom doesn’t wag his tail, the following are possible reasons why;

1. Depression

This may be shocking, but just like humans, animals like dogs can go through depression due to several contributing factors like moving into a new home, the death of an owner, or a feeling of being replaced. Pomeranians flourish in a happy home and are very smart and intuitive.

They require lots of love and will be happy to cuddle on their owners’ laps.

A major negative change around them can cause them to fall into depression. Usually, this kind of emotion will cause them not to feel excited enough to wag their tails.

White Pomeranian
Source: Boredathome101//Wikimedia Commons

2. Stress And Anxiety

Pomeranians are active and exciting dogs, but stress and anxiety can wear them out. They tend to show less excitement when they are exhausted or anxious, and this is a factor that can cause your precious little buddy to not wag his tail.

Reasons why poms can feel stressed out or anxious are;

  • Being left alone at home.
  • Getting introduced to way too many people.
  • Exposure to loud noises.
  • Moving to a new environment or being rehomed.

3. Boredom

When the environment is dull and there are no stimulating activities that your pom finds exciting and fun, it will not be so shocking that he will lack the urge to wag his tail as there is nothing to be excited about.

4. Limber Tail

If your Pomeranian doesn’t attempt to wag its tail or show signs of pain when he tries to shake its tail, then there is a high chance that he has a limber tail. A Limber tail induces pain in the tail and is often caused by overexertion, exposure to cold weather, or water. Consider that there is a strain in your pomeranian tail when he;

  • Doesn’t try or attempt to wag his tail, even when excited.
  • Squirmish, whines, or whimpers when the tail is touched.
  • Raised fur at the tip of the tail.

5. Other Medical Issues

A lack of show of excitement can indicate that your dog is possibly ill or has an injury. Your pomeranian not wagging its tail may be a cry for help. Anal gland issues can also discourage poms from wagging their tails.

Make sure to look out for other signs like lethargy, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, pains, or discomfort, as they are clear indicators of health problems in dogs.

What To Do When Your Pomeranian Doesn’t Wag His Tail

With the above explanations of what might be the reasons why your best bud isn’t wagging his tail, you should have a good idea of what is wrong with him to implement a suitable solution that works well. That said, here are some of the things you can do for your sweet doggo;

  1. Talk or take him to the vet. Your doggo may need immediate medical attention and your vet can help determine this.
  2. In the case where your dog is bored, take them on a slow walk to the park. Even when the weather may be a bit discouraging to go on a walk, you can use a dog walking glove as your precious little fella needs the stimulation. You can also play catch with him to get more excited.
  3. Give your doggo some time to adjust to the new environment, and at the same time show him lots of love and attention.
  4. Respect some boundaries by allowing him to rest if he feels exhausted or stressed. Avoid doing things that will get him all riled up, or anxious.
  5. Follow your vet’s instructions if your pet child suffers from a limber tail. Sometimes it is great to massage the tail, but get a go-ahead from your vet.


Pomeranians are lovable dog breeds that are affectionate, cuddly, loyal, and intelligent.

They are very sociable and friendly and this is why it could be very surprised when they do not wag their tails out of excitement or other emotions anymore.

In this article, we explained that Pomeranians wouldn’t wag their tails when they are bored, stressed and anxious, injured, or depressed. We recommend that you speak to your doggo’s vet immediately if you also notice other symptoms that indicate medical issues.

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