Can Dogs Eat Veggie Burgers?

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Can Dogs Eat Veggie Burgers?

Whether dogs can eat veggie burgers is sometimes surmounts to curiosity for a lot of dog lovers and owners and this is why veggie burgers are vegetarian preferred burgers that are made up of fruits, grains, and vegetables.

Veggie burgers look almost the same as every regular burger that there is except it is completely void of meat. Most dog owners assume that dogs are carnivores but that’s a wrong assumption, dogs are in fact omnivores. So can dogs eat veggie burgers?

Yes, dogs can eat veggie burgers and enjoy the benefits as well. However, it is advised that dogs be fed veggie burgers in moderation as some ingredients used to prepare this meal could be harmful to dogs. Always make sure to check out the ingredients used to be certain of the quantity to give your dog. 

Some dogs will show little or no interest in veggie burgers, probably because they are not quite accustomed to it or they don’t just fancy it. If this is the case for your dog, let’s just say veggie burgers are not for your pup.

Take your time to read this comprehensive guide to find out if veggie burgers are safe for dogs

Is It Safe For Dogs to Eat Veggie Burgers?

Dogs are adored everywhere in the world, in most cases, they are not just pets they are family and treated as one. This makes dog owners consider giving their pups “human food” as a part of the treat. Feeding your dog the same meal as you have isn’t exactly a bad idea. 

Being aware of the risk some ingredients would pose to your dog’s health is paramount and this would make it entirely safe. On the contrary, some “human foods” are toxic to dogs but are veggie burgers a meal to be wary of for your dog?

Veggie burgers are made up of nuts, tofu,  legumes, soybeans, mushrooms, and grains, there’s never meat in the mix which makes it suitable for vegans and vegetarians. 

Dogs can have veggie burgers, they are nutritious and can provide a good amount of fiber and proteins, and vitamins. 

While it is advised to be cautious of some toxic ingredients that could be problematic to dogs, veggie burgers should be carefully given to dogs in little portions. Dogs have sensitive stomachs, what is accepted by your body may not go down well with them, even though they enjoy eating it. 

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What Are The Nutritional Benefits Of Veggie Burgers?

Some dogs may turn their noses at veggie burgers but this meal possesses some benefits that could be helpful to them. Veggie burgers are rich in protein and fiber which helps in improving a dog’s digestive and immune system.

Fiber can be helpful for dogs in preventing diarrhea and constipation. 

Some owners who want to put their dogs on a diet should consider veggie burgers as they are very low in cholesterol, calories, and saturated fat, which is great for the purpose. It is much healthier than regular hamburgers and for some dogs that have chicken or meat allergies, veggie burgers are a great substitute. 

Enriched with vitamin K and vitamin C which is necessary for your dog’s growth and development as well as for repairing tissues or muscle cells. Vitamins are very essential nutrients, they serve as powerful antioxidants, and can protect dogs from heart disease, and cancer

Ingredients In Veggie Burger That Could Be Toxic To Your Dog’s Health

The sad news is as nutritious as veggie burgers are, they may contain ingredients that are harmful to your dog. This is why it is recommended that they are offered to dogs in moderation.

These toxic ingredients include garlic and onions Many veterinarians agree that garlic and onions are bad for dogs, their risks overshadow their advantages.

Garlic and onions contain a compound called Thiosulphate which is highly poisonous for dogs and can cause havoc to red blood cells which finally results in anemia. No harm will be done if pooches get a little dose of them but it is best to generally avoid it and be cautious of meals that are prepared with them.

More so, veggie burgers contain a high sodium content not suitable for dogs. As it can cause increased blood pressure, vomiting, seizures, incoordination, and so on. 


Nothing beats being aware of what’s best for your dog and what’s not.

As much as we love to share our meals with our dogs it’s best to be certain of how safe it is. And not overlooking the fact that dogs, unlike us, have very sensitive stomachs, meals humans enjoy might be harmful to them. 

However, veggie burgers turn out to be one of those meals that can be given to dogs.

But there may be some harmful ingredients (especially for store-bought veggie burgers) that your dog can react to, and this is why many veterinarians advise that veggie burgers be given in moderation to dogs.

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