Do Bernese Mountain Dogs Like Water? (EXPLAINED)

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Do Bernese Mountain Dogs Like Water

Key Points 🐾

  • Bernese mountain dogs are safe around water, however, they must be closely supervised to prevent accidents.
  • Some Bernese mountain dogs may enjoy swimming or getting into the water while others may dread it.
  • It is important for Bernese dog owners to indulge their pets in water-related activities on occasion.

Bernese mountain dogs are certainly loyal and friendly dogs, popularly known to be affectionate and intelligent. They have thick coats that sometimes make their owners wonder about shaving fur coats when it is really hot.

But since it is certain that that is a bad idea, the next line of thought is to wonder if water is the best solution and if they do like water.

Well, some dogs make love water so much and even be natural swimmers while other breeds will generally shy away from it or are less enthusiastic about it. Now the question is; Do Bernese mountain dogs like water?

Yes, Bernese mountain dogs do enjoy or love water. However, there can be exceptions to it, the truth is not all Bernese mountain dogs would appreciate being wet as they all have individual preferences.

Some Bernese mountain dogs are naturally drawn to water and would be delighted to swim, while others will run from it. Either way, it is best to slowly introduce your doggo to water slowly and not force it if you notice your Bernese mountain dog is one that hates water.

In this article, we will make you understand Bernese mountain dogs better when it comes to their love for water, tips on keeping them safe when they are around water, and so much more, Do stick around.

Bernese Mountain Dog
Source: AnetaAp//Wikimedia Commons

A Brief Overview Of Bernese Mountain Dogs And Water

Bernese mountain dog breeds originate from Switzerland and were formerly bred as farm dogs, to pull cats and herd cattle. While they are not specifically used for swimming or other water-related tasks, the Bernese mountain dogs can also be comfortable around water.

However, just like every other dog breed, the Bernese mountain dog has individual preferences when it comes to its love for the water. Some may just l;ike to be around shallow water and nothing beyond that, while others can swim even in the deepest waters.

Whatever the case may be, it is best to accept your dog’s personality and respect its individual preferences. If your Bernese mountain dog does love the water, make sure to take necessary precautionary measures to prevent them from drowning.

Are Bernese Mountain Dogs Safe Around Water?

Bernese mountain dogs are generally safe around water, but this doesn’t mean that safety measures should not be put in place to ensure their safety. Despite their enormous size, this dog breed can drown if they accidentally fall into the water or become fatigued.

In addition, the nature of Bernese mountain dog bodies and their thick fur can make it difficult to stay afloat or swim. Whether it is a pool, a river, or a lake, it is very important to closely supervise your dog when it is around water at all times.

If you plan to take your dog for a swim in a large body of water, it is advisable to go along with a life jacket and safely strap them into it. More importantly, make sure your dog stays cool and hydrated especially on hot summer days, as they have a high tendency of overheating and have a lower tolerance for heat compared to other breeds.

Reasons Why Bernese Mountain Dogs May Enjoy Water

As earlier stated, Bernese mountain dogs are not bred specifically for water-related activities but they can still join in the fun. If you find out that your Bernese mountain dog likes water and you don’t quite understand why, here are several possible reasons;

Bernese Mountain Dog
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1. Playfulness

Naturally, the Bernese mountain dogs are playful and affectionate dogs that enjoy happy stimulations. One of these stimulations can include water play, such as chasing water from a hose in a well-fenced backyard or splashing in pools, and this can be a fun and engaging activity for them.

2. Curiosity

The Bernese mountain dogs are very curious in nature and out of curiosity they may become intrigued by the sight, sound, and smell of the water.

3. Cooler Temperature

The thickness of the Bernese mountain dog’s fur can make hot weather conditions very uncomfortable. Including water activities in the routine can provide cooling effects to their fur and skin, and this will make them appreciate being in the water. However, it is still recommended to do this occasionally so their skin isn’t rid of its natural oils.

4. Temperaments

This particular dog breed is very tolerant and adaptable dogs. They can easily adapt to the inclusion of water-related activities as they may learn to find it fun and interesting. Just ensure that they are calmly and slowly introduced to swimming or water generally.

Tips On How To Introduce Bernese Mountain Dogs To Water

If plan to introduce your Bernese mountain dog to the water. itis best to do so slowly and gradually. Here are the tips to take note of;

  1. Start by introducing your dog to smaller bodies of water such as shallow pools, or calm streams. Give them to get accustomed to getting wet at their own pace.
  2. Reward your doggo with praises or treats when your dog attempts to get into the water or finally get into the water.
  3. Be calm and very reassuring when introducing your pet friend to water. Be very soothing, and avoid using harsh words or forcing them to get into the water.
  4. Once your dog gets comfortable with the shallow water, gradually increase the depth of the water.
  5. Make certain that you are making use of life jackets at all times.
  6. Always supervise your Bernese mountain dog closely when they are in the water or around it.


Bernese mountain dogs can enjoy the water but you must understand that this depends grossly on your Bernese mountain dog’s personal preference.

On that note, if your Bernese mountain dog seems interested in swimming, it is best to slowly and gradually introduce them to the water while taking all necessary safety measures.

But if your dog is less enthusiastic about water, it is important to avoid enforcing the activity on him or her.

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