This Pooch Happy Dance When Owner Comes Home Early Is All We Want You to See Today

Dog Does The Happy Dance When Owner Comes Home Early

Know who else can get super thrilled when they see their favorite person? Dogs! They are called man’s best friend for nothing, they are actually the best kind of buddies anyone can have by their side.

And what is even better than coming home to an extraordinary welcome from your pup? Not sure I’ve seen anything better. Not just tail-wagging, excited barks but an actual happy dance that could fill your heart.

In a recent video shared by Dittawiggles on Instagram, an exhilarated dog is seen shaking his behind excessively as his owner comes back home from work quite early.

Imagine coming home and receiving this elated welcome, there is definitely no way in the world that this wouldn’t be a great highlight of your day even if you have had a bad day at work.

Ditta is a really happy dog and his happiness is very contagious. In several videos shared on the Instagram page, the happy dance is a usual routine for Ditta as he is always so excited every time his owner comes back home.

There is no doubt about the fact that this happy dog is a great cause of joy in the household, he is obviously a good pup and his owners are definitely very lucky to have him. The comment section of course didn’t disappoint as it was almost flooded with stickers of dancing characters which we found pretty funny as well.

One comment reads “OMG the wiggles are way too cute”

“This is the cutest and sweetest thing I’ve seen all day. I’m so happy you rescued her” says another.

“I watched till the end, it was worth it.” added another commenter.

We can not help but wonder if this wiggling dance has as much effect on the dog’s parents as it has on us.

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