Pitbull Is Mad At His Mum For Taking His Toy And What He Does Is Classic Comedy

Jasmine Okechukwu
Pit bull mad at his owner for taking his toy

The internet will always be a place to find hilarious pet moments that will help you pass the time. And when it comes to dogs, you know you are about to be cracked up by their funny antics.

Indeed dogs can be super fun and cute but they can also be a bit malicious when you do things that they do not approve of and in this case, it means taking away their favorite toy.

Just like all other dogs, Pitbulls can have an attachment to a particular toy and when the said toy goes missing and the culprit is their hooman; well then there will be a problem.

Pitbulls are very loyal, friendly, and loving dogs. Sometimes they just make us wonder if we truly deserve them because of how much laughter they bring into our lives. But as much as they are loyal companions, we reckon this pitbull’s loyalty only lies with his toy and his toy alone.

In the video shared by Tlynzaaay on her TikTok account, this pitbull is not having it with his mum for taking his toy away from him. And what does he do? He slams the door in her face and restricts her from entering the room.

It is so funny how he keeps shutting the door anytime his hooman tries to open it, he even barks sometimes as if to say “Do not come in here without my toy, Hooman!” This big guy really mad at his owner and he has no plans of hiding it.

It is a marvel how relatable this dog acts sometimes, even though pit bulls have a reputation for being aggressive this video is clear evidence that they can be cute and very understandable.

So when next your dog slams the door in your face or shuts you out of your room because you took his toy from him, don’t be too shocked. Just do the needful; which is returning the toy to him.

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