Miniature Dachshund Reuniting With His Family After Going Missing For Two Days Is So Touching

Jasmine Okechukwu
Dachshund found after missing for two days

Our love for dogs is unceasing and every day we spend with them makes it crystal clear that we literally can not do without them. On so many occasions dog owners have melted our hearts with their genuine show of their love for these pets and we absolutely love to see it.

Every now and then, our pets may need saving from whatever calamity they find themselves, most times they are smart enough to get out of the situation themselves but we also have to be there for them all the time.

This is the case of a miniature dachshund that went missing for days and his amazing family never gave up on digging and searching for him until he was found. Here is the heart-touching video so you can see for yourself how amazing dogs and human bonds can be.


Our minature dachshund went missing 😪 Fortunatley we were able to locate and save him ❤️. Never give up looking…🤧🥰 #dachshund #dogrescue #miniaturedachshund #lostdog #dogsoftiktok #dachshundlife #nevergiveup #helpdogs #savedog #savedogs

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This video shared by Alexandra Corby on TikTok was so lovely to watch. We have no idea how scared this adorable pooch must have felt being stuck underground with little hope of getting found.

But we are sure the question on everyone’s mind is how did he find himself deep under the ground but it is no surprise as to how this happened. Dachshunds are excellent diggers, in fact, they dig for stimulation and it is a part of their nature.

This is because they were originally bred to hunt for small games such as rabbits, badgers, and other small animals that live underground. For them to get to these games they were required to dig the ground to discover them.

Now in present times, their hunting skills aren’t so needed anymore as people just want to bathe them with all their love and care as household companions, so they have taken to digging as a hobby.

This miniature dachshund must have been doing what he knew how to best until it turned sideways and he found himself trapped in the hole he dug with his paws.

But lucky to have a family that will break down mountains, or in this case lose sleep and dig through every ground holding him hostage until he is found.

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