Fearless Hamster Chasing Cat For Misbehaving Is Worth Your Screen Time

Jasmine Okechukwu
Hamster Chasing Cat

We have seen dogs and cats putting each other in their place when they misbehave, but never have we seen a hamster have so much guts to chase a cat around when he does something their dad does not approve of.

Hamsters may be cute and cuddly tiny little creatures, but they can be brave and fearless if the situation calls for it, sometimes a little too brave up to the point of being careless and impulsive.

These little goofballs have the potential to be aggressive but we might not expect them to extend these behaviors to cats.

One reason we wouldn’t expect hamsters to challenge cats unprovoked is because cats are bigger and when compared to hamsters, they are predators. But oh what do we know, as far as we know this hamster is just following Daddy’s orders.

Take a look at this viral video shared by the TikTok account Fiestyrachet, which has people talking.


But why is my cat so scared of my hamster!?😭😭😭Also my hamster is not stressed or scared! A scared hamster will take cover and hide and in this case my hamster is mainly the agressor #hamster #hamstersoftiktok #hamsterhell

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We find this video clip extraordinary and somehow unbelievable, but here we are actually witnessing a petite hamster chasing a huge cute around for damaging their dad’s furniture.

It’s quite surprising that the cat seems to be afraid of the hamster, and is running away from him to avoid problems. We can imagine, the threats the hamster is throwing at the cat in an animal language we definitely can’t understand.

But just in case you might be worried about the hamster undergoing a lot of stress with this activity or being bullied by the cat, the pet parent states clearly in the caption that the hamster is the aggressor.

We can understand why people can be concerned for the hamster in this situation, for one they are preyed on due to their petite size and secondly, they can be easily stressed. Hamsters are very emotional animals that can be fatal when they feel down, stressed, or depressed.

Okay, hamsters are adorable and cats are too, but obviously, this hamster here has gone gangster as he loves to put his pet brother in his place for damaging some piece of daddy’s furniture and it is always mission accomplished for him.

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