Fearless Cat Gives Her Growling Dog Companion A Dead Stare And Wins The Challenge

Jasmine Okechukwu

Many times cats have caused us to wonder how courageous they can get. In the face of bigger opponents, these super adorable creatures can stand unflinching and fearless as if they are ever ready for the challenge.

While cats may appear courageous, we have noticed that individual cats have varying personalities. Some cats may be more adventurous and fearless, while others might be more cautious or reserved.

But being reserved and cautious is certainly not in the books for this fearless cat who looks back at a growling dog without fear. Take a look.

In the video, you can see the cat giving the dog a dead scare as if to say “I dare you to do your worst”. The dog, on the other hand, continues to show his teeth and growl, almost surprised that the cat doesn’t look scared at all.

And so the growling continues, and the cat stares back at him daringly. After a while, the dog seems to get the memo that there is no way he is going to scare off the cat or intimidate him so he lays off and walks away. This video left many viewers in awe as some comments read:

“This is amazing, look at the cat’s eyes very powerful in extreme confidence”

“Dog started it off with a direct stare, then sideways, and swallowing his pride”

“The power of a cat’s stare is amazing”

“He lost the staring contest”

“She didn’t flinch, just an unwavering judgemental stare. The poor dog didn’t stand a chance”

Of course, there was no chance was going to win with that cat’s attitude. This video does show the courageous and confident attitude that a cat can possess.

We love the unbreakable spirit of this cat and we hope to have the same attitude when faced with some problems.

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