Evil Genius Cat Turns Off The TV Because His Owners Won’t Let Him Watch His Favorite Show

Jasmine Okechukwu
Evil Genius Cat

In every house with feline companions, cats always reign supreme. With a perfect blend of intelligence and a bossy charm, these amazing creatures do know how to rule their territory, subtly taking over the house and perceiving their humans as their subjects.

To drive home this point, these whiskered furballs have proven countless times that they are more than just mere companions; they are savvy and masters of manipulation.

They do get mad when things do not go their way and resort to taking matters into their own hands.

In this TikTok video, we follow the story of the cat Milo, who wasn’t having it when his owners changed the TV station from his favorite show to something he had no interest in watching. Take a look.

From the look of things, Milo likes to be in control and run things in the house. As he lays on his favorite bed watching his favorite show, SpongeBob so intently his owner comes from nowhere and changes the channel to something way less pleasing.

Curious as to why they would have the effrontery to do that, Milo moves over to the TV stand as if to demand an explanation and let them know he wasn’t pleased with the channel. Well, his owners didn’t seem to mind his mild Protests, so he takes it to a different level.

He gives them a hard stare to communicate his displeasure about the turn of events and just like before, they thought he was just a bluff and paid him no mind at all. Now that was the last straw for him as he resorts to doing the unthinkable.

Milo goes to the back of the TV and turns it off. Shocked by how he figured out how to turn the switch off, his owners agree that he is indeed an evil genius.

Well, Milo still doesn’t care, he wants his show back and so he resumes staring back at his owners so they can put his favorite show on.

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