Dumped Bunny Rescued From The Train Tracks Never Stopped Believing In Love

Jasmine Okechukwu
Bunny in distress

Bunnies are excellent pets, they’re social, affectionate, and best of all they can be litter-trained. That said, it is best to bear in mind that, they always require proper care, attention, and a suitable environment to thrive.

Sadly, many bunny owners have no initial idea of how much care these fur babies need and this usually results in the loss of the bunny’s life and in most cases the abandonment of these poor creatures.

This is unfortunately the case for Rosedale an adorable bunny who has found herself in a difficult and dangerous situation after her owner left her to fend for herself in the wild. This story covers the plight of the cute bunny rescued from the train tracks and given a perfect home.

Terrified To The Core

One fateful day, a beautiful bunny is seen in the most unexpected place which is the train tracks. Definitely scared for her life, she hops from place to place in a bid to find a way out of the dangerous situation. She could hear and feel the distant rumble of approaching trains, and that terrified her the more.

However, despite her fear, Rosedale knows that she needs to get herself out of the danger so she always finds a spot to use as a refuge from the moving trains. “How long would be be able to keep herself safe?” She must have wondered.

Rosedale says a little prayer in her heart for a miracle and for help to come to her before it is too late for her. Would her prayers be answered? Rosedale didn’t know but what she does know is that she must find a way out of the train tracks as soon as possible.

Help Will Come

Fortune favored her in the form of a compassionate woman, who happened to notice the frightened bunny struggling for escape by the tracks. Concerned and afraid for Rosedale, she immediately alerted the train track workers, to help rescue the scared creature.

Responding swiftly, the train track workers, took up the task of rescuing the bunny, and even though it took an ample amount of time and effort, these kind-hearted people were committed to helping the bunny.

Their rescue efforts proved fruitful as they could finally get hold of the scared and shaken bunny. It was evident that Rosedale the bunny had gone through so much caught up in that terrible situation. Touched by the bunny’s plight, the compassionate woman volunteered to take her home and care for her.

Rosedale is Taken To the Vet

The first stop at their home was the veterinary because her new caregiver wanted to extra sure that Rosedale was fine. Miraculously, she emerged unscathed, her health was still intact despite everything she’s been through.

One thing they did find out was that she had pink dye in the root of her fur. This was a serious pointer that Rosedale once had an owner and that she wasn’t a wild bunny.

How she got in the subway or survived her ordeal was still unknown but the fact still remained that Rosedale is a strong and resilient bunny.

Journey To A Better Life

Back at the lovely home of the kindhearted woman, Rosedale thrived under gentle care. They both bonded pretty well but she knew Rosedale deserved so much than she could offer her so she looked out for a perfect home for her.

The goal was to find a forever home filled with love and companionship. The search for the perfect home led them to a warm-hearted household willing to welcome Rosedale into their lives.

In her forever home, Rosedale met a friend and later “husbun” named Snoopy. The two bonded so well and later welcomed their little bundles of joy.

In the warmth of her forever home, surrounded by the love of her new family and her “husbun” Snoopy, Rosedale discovered the true meaning of happiness.

Abandoned on train tracks, she held no grudge against humans instead she maintained a positive spirit. Her story inspires us to keep in mind that everyone even bunnies deserves a chance at a perfect life.

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