Doodle Hopping Like A Bunny After Wearing His New Pair Of Shoes Is Rib Cracking

Jasmine Okechukwu
Doodle hopping like a bunny

Dogs can be incredibly amusing with their playful antics, funny expressions, and unpredictable behavior.

Whether it’s their goofy moments, silly reactions, or charming personalities, a lot of dog owners and even people who do not own a dog find great joy and laughter in their company.

There are so many instances to remember dogs that could crack you up, from wearing hilarious Halloween costumes and playing the part to eating leftovers off the plate and denying any involvement in the incidents, these fur buddies are just the best.

This video shared by Caitlin Huang on TikTok is not just rib-cracking but super adorable to behold and we are certain that you’d enjoy it.

So it was the first time he was wearing a shoe, and it seemed foreign to him. How was he expected to walk in this? Or maybe he was supposed to fly or hop in them? Whatever it was that he was supposed to do this dog wasn’t going to let the shoes stop him from going to his owner.

As this cute doodle was called upon by his owners to come over just so they could see how he does in the new pair of shoes, he hesitated for a little while trying to brainstorm how to maneuver the challenge. He tried to lift his feet but it seemed like they were a bit heavy.

But there’s no stopping him no even his new shoes, so this dog takes his first step by jumping forward and towards his owner who kept calling him a good boy. After the big jump, he started walking like he was marching.

While we appreciate the effort he was putting into getting a hang of those shoes, we couldn’t help but giggle uncontrollably at his strides.

He suddenly wasn’t walking like a dog but like a big furry bunny and this caused his owners to laugh so hard. Indeed dogs are joy bringers and we can never stop loving them.

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