Dog Destroys His Toy Few Minutes After Getting It And He Doesnt Feel Guilty About It

Jasmine Okechukwu
Dog destroys toys

If your dog is a serial toy destroyer, trust me you are not alone. Many dog owners go through the same struggle every other day.

Naturally, dogs enjoy destroying toys because it satisfies their instincts to chew, relieves boredom, and mimics hunting behaviors.

The mess they make with their toys is a combination of play, exploration, and a way for them to engage with their environment. However, this usually doesn’t mean that toys should not be provided for them. It is understandable to feel discouraged about it but it’s best to invest in durable toys.

In this video, we witness the sad moment a dog owner had to pack up a toy he got for his pet while his dog stares with guilt written all over his face.

Okay, only dog owners can relate to how this dog owner must have felt while trashing a newly acquired toy for his dog. The owner looked disappointed and displeased about the situation.

However, this wasn’t the case with his dog. As he sat on the couch watching his owner pick up the sad remains of his toy, he had a really wide and hysteric smile on his face. Well, we are a bit affirmative that he does feel bad for his owner.

We can hear his thoughts through his clenched teeth as he says, “Oh no! It’s Melanie That’s a shame, she was really nice.” No doubt this dog called Teddy is naughty. Some of the viewers cannot quite place why his face is like that as some comments read:

“I can’t believe Teddy’s face. Is he angry, worried, or happy that his destroyed toys are thrown away?”

“Wait… Teddy can talk? It’s the goofy grin for me”

“The grin gets me every time.”

“Dog just letting you know no matter how much he gets on your nerves don’t bring another dog up in that house”

Well too bad the toy Melanie didn’t even last more than 5 minutes in Teddy’s paws but surely there would be a perfect replacement for her.

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