Cat Is Interested In Baking Class And The Level Of His Dedication Will Surprise You

Jasmine Okechukwu
Cat taking baking class

Cats are witty animals but we all can’t deny the fact that they are amazing and interesting companions. And although they can be a bit detached and stand-office toward their owners, there are several ways in which they show their love and affection for their caregivers.

Smart and clever, these fantastic pets always have a way or ways they keep their owners entertained and happy. One thing for sure is that felines can also be fast learners, whether it’s a cooking lesson, they will surely get a hang of it.

In this video shared on TikTok, you will see an orange cat practicing what he is being taught on the screen. Take a look.

Cheeto is a joyful, lively, and amazing cat. Right from the day he waltz into his owner’s life, he has been offering nothing but joy and happiness.

Although he may be naughty sometimes when he gets involved in cat fights with his sibling, and when he disrupts his owner’s sleep, Cheetos knows that he is loved and adored by his owner.

He likes watching whatever his owner is watching and always allows him. While most of what he sees on the screen doesn’t always make a lot of sense to him, the video on the screen is something Cheetos finds very interesting.

Many viewers could not help but show their contention in the video as they commented:

“He is taking an online class, OMG.”

“I love baking too but I am not this good”

“This cat is taking an extracurricular for a skill he is born with, he is dedicated to his craft.”

It was a baking tutorial on how to knead dough, as an expert who has been in the game all his life, Cheetos doesn’t seem to mind learning a thing or two from the video. You can see him moving his paws as if he were kneading dough with an intent concentration on the screen.

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