Cat Dad Returns Home After A Long Time And Is Greeted By His Cat In The Most Adorable Way

Jasmine Okechukwu

Cats are the extra spice everyone needs in their lives. They walk right into our lives bearing lots of love, joy, and happiness. These unique fur babies are undeniably very exceptional pets.

They can form strong bonds with their owners and, in their own way, show signs of missing them. They might display behaviors like seeking attention, meowing more, waiting at the door, or in some cases refusing to eat in their owner’s absence.

For so long, cats have been misunderstood and underestimated when it comes to being able to form meaningful connections with their human companions. Although they have an independent reputation, they still have the emotional capacity to feel an attachment to their humans.

To drive home this point, we will be covering the story of this cat who missed his dad for so long and reacted adorably when he finally returned.

His Dad Says His Goodbyes

He obviously wasn’t expecting any goodbyes from his owner but he wasn’t so surprised when it came. He was in fact concerned about where his owner was off to as this goodbye feels different. Where could his owner possibly be heading to?

No answer was provided to him but he doesn’t mind, he walks to his owner for a hug. Just as loving as he usually is, his owners draw him for a long warm hug, something tells him this trip is going to be longer than normal. Whatever the reason, he hoped everything was going to be fine.

His dad drops him and proceeds to leave the room, and then he tells him not to miss me, but he knows that won’t be possible. He sure was going to miss him a lot and he wished he didn’t have to leave.

Patiently Waiting

As soon as the cat’s dad stepped out of the door and shut it close, this cat started to wait for him at the door. Although he didn’t know how long it was going to take for his owner to come back, he didn’t seem to mind waiting around for him. “Maybe he would come back home in the evening,” he thought. So he was going to wait patiently.

But hours turned to days, it was beginning to seem like his owner wasn’t going to return. Worried and afraid, this cat starts to ask questions. Where was his dad? When was he going to come? But he never really got answers.

Gradually, falling into depression, the cat is now convinced that his owner isn’t coming back. And on the 14th day of being apart, he lay in a corner in tears. What was taking his dad so long? He wondered.

There is no telling how devastated he must have felt waiting and hoping for his owner’s return. It must have been so hard for him but he wasn’t going to give up hope.

Home At Last!

On the 56th day, the door opened and alas it was his owner! At first, the cat couldn’t believe his eyes, it was indeed his owner. Trying not to overreact, he walks away but comes back to make sure for the last time that it was his dad.

He gives his human a good sniff for confirmation. And then he reaches out for his owner to lift up for a warm embrace. He couldn’t stop licking and cuddling his owner, he had missed him so much.

Happy again, he is going to make sure that he doesn’t let his dad out of sight or reach. He lays on his dad’s lap while he works, he certainly loves his human so much and doesn’t feel complete without him.

These adorable moments between this cat and his dad show that despite their subtle ways of expressing devotion, the reunions with their owners after a long-term separation are often joyous. There’s no denying that a profound connection can still exist between humans and their feline companions.

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