Cat Can’t Stand When Mom Cuddles The Dog And It’s Giving Pure Envy

Jasmine Okechukwu

We have all been there when we are jealous about someone or something getting closer than they ought to be to our loved ones. Well, we are quite sure that cats too can relate to that as it seems as if they also do not want to share the love their hooman has for them with anything else (and that on period!).

There has been a lot of misconception flying around that felines are not emotionally intelligent enough to show affection to their owners. While that is not true, it sometimes feels like cats may even have so much love inside of them than we will ever know.

Okay, maybe they do have a snarky way of showing their affection as they are mostly self-dependent and efficient pets. However, this doesn’t strike out the fact that they truly do love us.

And well, this furry friend of ours here in this TikTok video is a clear example of a jealous cat that doesn’t want to share his mom with anyone else. Take a look.

Never seen a jealous cat? There you go! Millo doesn’t obviously like to share Mom’s love with Pawbrother Beckham. At the beginning of the video, you can see him hopping onto the couch where Beckham is seen sitting with their hooman.

Milo gives the dead stare for a short while before proceeding to bully Beckham just to make sure he gets up from the couch and away from their mom.

Beckham doesn’t seem to back down or leave immediately, Milo resorts to transferring his aggression to the mom as if to say “Why are you not telling him to get up, Mommy?”

Well, Beckham must have had enough of the harassment as he gives that mom his paws for emotional support before actually getting off the couch.

Now the coast is clear, no more Beckham sitting with Mom, you’d think Milo would fill up the space Beckham left but he just walks off to to go relax on the floor. Ah, cats and their distinctive behaviors!

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