Cat Adorably Cuddling His Stuffed Best Friend Is Too Cute To Handle

Cat Found New Stuffed Bestfriend

We have all been there when we are given a new toy or gift and we are just instantly obsessed with it. Well, we guess it’s the same feeling with this lovable cat and his stuffed dino toy. Taking the new toy everywhere he goes, seems to become his new favorite thing to do.

Like humans, cats too can get attached to objects especially when it gives them pure bliss. It could be their owners’ shoes, or a personal toy, whatever it may be as long as it makes them happy then that’s just fine!

Watch how excited this cat looks while carrying his most treasured toy along in a viral video, shared on TikTok.

Gonzalez the cat is seen carrying a stuffed dinosaur down the stairs to the bed. As he finally gets on the bed with the toy with him, he snuggles right with the toy, holding it firmly by his side as if to say “You are mine and I’m not letting you out of my sight”.

The comment section was even more endearing as one person wrote, “This cat has a better relationship than I have ever had”
“Awww why is no-one talking about that little hop over the bad at the end of the stairs? I am DYING” another added.

As much as we love to see these cute moments, it’s best to note that it is not uncommon for cats to feel emotionally attached to their toys. They can form lasting bonds with these objects especially when they’re not socially interacting with other pets or cats alike.

For some false reasons, we have bought the idea that cats are emotionless and lack empathy, and seeing video clips like this is clear evidence that cats are just as relative as every living being.

Providing your feline companion with a variety of toys can help get them stimulated and happy just like our buddy Gonzalez. Can’t wait to see how Gonzalez and his favorite bestie are holding up.

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