Bulldog Apologizes To His Human In The Most Heartfelt Way You Can Ever Imagine

Bull dog apologies to his human

It’s not too late to say sorry.

Dogs aren’t exactly “pawfect”, even though they are a match made from heaven, there are times when they’d get on your last nerves. But one thing for sure is dogs say they are sorry in the most unique ways possible and of course you can’t resist forgiving these adorable pets for whatever wrong deeds.

Sometimes they give us sad faces, tuck their tails in between their back legs, or avoid eye contact to show how sorry they are.

On other occasions your doggy may begin to bring gifts to you; don’t get all excited, there’s only a 1% chance this gift is a flower. However, it is common for dogs to gift their owners pieces of paper, uprooted plants, or worse a souvenir from their hunt.

In a recent video posted on TikTok by the pet collective, this adorable didn’t just apologize to his human in the typical doggy way, his apology touched our hearts with so much love. Take a look.

There is no way on earth a dog would apologize in the manner Bum bum did that you won’t feel like picking him up and giving a tight hug. In the clip, his human communicates her disapproval of him chewing her slippers and snapping at her.

While she tells him what he did wrong, we can see how sad it makes Bum Bum feel, he immediately places his paws on her hands to drive home how sorry he was about his bad dog behavior. He keeps his paws on her hands even after she tells him it is okay as if he isn’t convinced he has been forgiven.

He only backs down when she places her forehead on his to assure him it is fine. But he still looks sad about his actions. Ugh, Dogs are just so cute and we don’t even deserve these furry angels. Sending big hugs and kisses to Bum Bum, one of the most adorable dogs the internet has seen so far.

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