Abandoned Dog Get A New Chance At Love In A Perfect Forever Home

Jasmine Okechukwu
Abandoned dog gets a new chance at love

Abandoned dogs that have been left behind by their owners always find themselves living a heart-breaking life. These loyal companions were once cherished and adored, and they usually do not expect that their fate will turn stark and uncertain.

These dogs are living reminders of the deep bond that can form between humans and their four-legged friends, and the heartbreak that ensues when that bond is severed.

We are quite sure that at some point these furry angels have been a source of joy and laughter and it is puzzling why they would subject their pets to abandonment in such circumstances. Where did love go sour for these pet owners? We can never tell.

Hopeful to find love again in the hearts of another human, these dogs never really lose hope in humanity. We were recently captivated by the sad video of a dog abandoned on the beach by his owner. Desperate to find his owner, this dog kept wandering for days by the beach hoping his owner would come back for him but they never did.

No one can really tell how devastated this dog must have felt, after constantly getting disappointed every day while in wait for his previous owner. Even with all the disappointments and letdowns, this abandoned dog held no grudge, certainly loyal to the end.

Luckily, a kind-hearted woman noticed him as he was always by the beach every day without food. She immediately felt the need to him out so she made a post about him and a lot of people got interested in his story and offered their help.

Even though he was scared of people, food and water were provided for the abandoned dog to keep him nourished and sustained. After 15 days, this sweet dog was nowhere to be found, he wasn’t around to eat the food kept for him. He just simply vanished and these got people worried.

And then after 3 weeks, he finally returned looking like he dropped a lot of weight. This time around he didn’t run away or hide from the woman who had been a great help to him. As she threw treats at him, he kept coming closer to her until he was within her reach.

They bonded for a while causing him to trust her enough to follow her home. He was super happy to be in his foster home and around people again. It’s amazing that he never really stopped trusting humans.

This abandoned dog was named Ocean because of the circumstances at which he was found and the name suits him perfectly. Ocean didn’t know so much about commands but he was smart enough to learn a lot within a week.

Due to some great reasons, this amazing woman puts Ocean up for adoption and he almost immediately got a perfect match and an incredible forever home.

Ocean’s hope to find a new home even after his heartbreaking experience demonstrates the undying spirit of these animals, ready to embrace a new chance at love and belonging if given the opportunity.

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