Will Marigolds Keep Squirrels Away? (NEW ANSWER)


Wanting to repel squirrels off of your lawn or garden, you may consider using marigolds as a repellent. Squirrels can be cute, and they can be very annoying at the same time. Many like to refer to them as the “gardener’s nightmare.”

They are very popular for digging out seeds, destroying plants, and constituting nuisances from time to time. All squirrels, including pregnant squirrels, do not mind scavenging for food, and they would stop at nothing to get a yummy treat.

These little fur friends also eat what may seem disgusting to humans, such as dog poop, insects, and grubs. This usually makes it easy to feed and care for squirrels, especially after rescuing baby squirrels or one with leg injuries.

Some people believe that onions are natural repellents for squirrels. However, it has been proven that squirrels do eat onions which makes it not an effective repellent. Marigolds are beautiful and colorful flowers that are used to keep some pesky insects and critters away but are squirrels one of the animals marigolds can keep away?

You are about to find that out in this article, as well as other vital information you may need regarding keeping those little mischievous guys away from your property.

Can Marigold Repel Squirrels?

Many people are more comfortable with the natural approach of repelling squirrels than using chemicals. This is because using natural repellents is way safer for other animals, as it is eco-friendly and less expensive.

While people use natural methods like cayenne peppers or Irish spring soap to keep squirrels away from their gardens, Marigold is another effective way to discourage squirrels from coming by. The pungent scent from this flower is too strong for squirrels’ extremely sensitive noses.

Yes, marigolds can keep squirrels away. Squirrels generally do not like the smell of marigolds; they would naturally stay away from any garden or area where the marigold flower has been planted.

It is best to plant marigolds in the spring, and they are easy to grow and low maintenance as well. Marigolds are pungent, the seed can begin to sprout within a few days, and while they bloom, they keep the squirrels away and protect other plants.

Photo by Craige McGonigle on Pexels.com

5 Plants That Can Keep Squirrels Away

There are a couple more flowers you can plant in your garden that can help repel squirrels. If you start experiencing issues like a raided garden, or stolen bird food, the culprits are usually squirrels; you can protect your garden by planting flowers;

1. Narcissus (Daffodils)

These flowers are known to be very tough; they can adapt to any weather condition. Due to their powerful scent, squirrels stay away from anywhere they have been planted. Narcissus scent sometimes can be too strong for humans, how much squirrels with very sensitive noses.

If you hope to deter squirrels with this flower, make sure to plant as many very close to each other. The flowers should surround the plants you intend to protect from squirrels.

2. Common Snowdrops

These plants are another brilliant method of deterring squirrels and other foragers. generally, squirrels will stay away from highly scented plants, and the common snowdrop is one of them.

Common snowdrops also do contain some toxic compounds that can cause digestive problems if ingested, so it is best to restrict your pet from going anywhere around it.

3. Allium

Alliums are excellent plants that can keep squirrels away from your garden. the urgent smell of this flower can be very overpowering to squirrels’ scent-sensitive noses. This will cause them to stay away from areas where allium is growing.

4. Crown Imperial

Growing crown imperials will not only beautify your garden but also repel squirrels. Squirrels do have sensitive noses, and they can not stand certain odors. They find crown imperial odor unpleasant and will stay away from them. Crown imperial scent can come off too strong as both the bulb and the leaves have a similar smell.

5. Common Hyacinth

If your primary reason for planting flowers is to repel squirrels from destroying your crops or vegetables, you should consider growing Hyacinth. This flower is scent based and can attract bees, but squirrels do find the scent offensive. planting Hyacinths in your garden will undoubtedly discourage these foragers from invading your garden.


Marigolds are beautiful plants; their bright yellow to orange colors give a very satisfying look to the garden. Asides from their astounding looks, marigold has a scent that squirrels can’t seem to stand.

And because of the pungent smell, squirrels stay away from areas where they are growing. Common hyacinth, allium, crown imperial, common snowdrops, and narcissists are plants you can grow alongside marigolds to repel squirrels.

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