Do Squirrels Eat Onions? (ANSWERED)

Do Squirrels Eat Onions?

Over time there has been a dispute about whether squirrels eat onions; for many, this remains unclear. However, we can agree that squirrels are vicious eaters, and as scavengers, they are expected to eat just about anything they find tasty.

Onions, on the other hand, cover a large proportion of humans’ daily diet. They are included in a lot of dishes and recipes. This is because they add a unique flavor to meals and offer a range of health benefits. No wonder many people are happy to plant them in their backyard and look forward to harvesting them when the time is right.

It can be unpleasant to discover that some animals have raided your garden. Usually, squirrels are responsible for executing such mischief. But you are not sure onions are on their menu or that they’d be interested in eating onions. So you begin to wonder whether squirrels eat onions.

Quick answer: Yes, squirrels eat onions. Onions contain a tremendous amount of minerals, and vitamins, which makes them very nutritious, and because of this, squirrels will surely indulge in them.

That being said, there is a lot to learn about squirrels and why they eat onions, stick around to find out these fantastic facts.

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Is It Healthy For Squirrels To Eat Onions?

Squirrels can eat onions but are they good for their health? Onions provide several health benefits to squirrels. They contain antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and other sulfur-containing compounds.

The well-being of squirrels can be improved when they eat onions as it promotes more robust bones, lower sugar levels, and provides enough energy for squirrels. However, onions are horrible for some pets like cats and dogs, and if eaten constantly in large quantities, they can cause digestive problems in squirrels.

If you have a squirrel(s) to feed and you are wondering if you can give them onions, of course, you can, but you have to be sure they are not overfed.

How To Feed Onions To Squirrels

It is understandable to wonder if there are best ways to feed squirrels onions. Do you have to cook the onions before offering them to squirrels, or can you give onions to them raw? You do not have to cook or boil onions, as squirrels do not mind eating them raw.

Place the onions on a wire mesh feeder and hang it on a tree branch; this is to make it easily accessible by squirrels and prevent ants and other pests from getting to them first. But if you do not have a wire mesh feeder, you can put the onions on a flat dish and place them where squirrels can easily see or sniff them out.

Make sure the onions are peeled and chopped into sizeable pieces good enough for squirrels; baby squirrels should not be offered onions. And most importantly, ensure that you do not overfeed squirrels with onions as it can cause digestive problems due to its sulfur content.

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Deterring Squirrels From Your Onion Farm

Having squirrels invade your garden, eat up your onion and destroy the plants can be annoying. So you may wonder if there are ways to keep them away from your onions farm.

Hot chili pepper is one of the best ways to keep squirrels away from your plant. The smell and taste are an awesome deterrent against squirrels. This is because peppers contain capsaicin, and squirrels hate them so much. Squirrels’ brains react negatively to peppers and would do nothing but stay away from them.

The smell of Irish spring soap and essential oils like clove, peppermint, and geranium can be used as repellants. Squirrels have a powerful sense of smell, and they dislike going close to anything that may smell too strong and sharp.

Garlic also affects them as they despise the taste and smell. Add some chopped garlic to water and leave it for about 48 hours before use.

You can sprinkle these deterrents around your onions farm to control squirrel invasion, but they shouldn’t be applied directly to the plants. Spray or sprinkle them on the soil, fences, and stakes. Make sure to reapply after a few days, as the effect of these deterrents usually wears off.


Squirrels do eat onions, and in some cases, if that is all they can find, they will eat them nonstop. While feeding squirrels onions, it is best to understand that overeating onions can be a tad harmful to them as they may develop digestive problems.

You can also protect your onion farm from squirrels by using the deterrents mentioned in this article, as they are natural solutions and are very effective.

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