Are There Squirrels In Hawaii? (MUST READ)

Are There Squirrels In Hawaii?

Squirrels dwell in almost all parts of the world. These animals are very resilient and have spread across the world from North America. In the United States, squirrels are highly populated, especially in places with many trees and abundant food sources.

Many people have become very welcoming over time, mainly with adorable baby squirrels; there is a sudden need to feed squirrels in the backyard and in the park, and also care for and bathe baby squirrels that are orphaned. There is no doubt that the bond between humans and squirrels is beginning to wax stronger.

The goofy things that these little guys sometimes do, like twitching a lot, running around from tree to fence, chasing each other, and eating rancid nuts, and lots of brazil nuts, even when they can be intoxicating, will make you wonder if there are squirrels in Hawaii whenever you are on a trip there.

Luckily, this article has compiled this information for you and other relevant related questions, so stick around.

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Do Squirrels Live In Hawaii?

There are different species of squirrels around the world, ranging from red squirrels, fly squirrels, grey squirrels, fox squirrels, Japanese squirrels, and many more. The estimated number of squirrels in the United States alone is about 2 billion, and 279 species worldwide.

With the massive amount of squirrels that exists, it can be astonishing not to see anyone of them in Hawaii, which will cause you to wonder if there are squirrels in Hawaii.

Unfortunately, there are no squirrels in Hawaii. Hawaii is the only state in the United States where squirrels do not live. However, in the place of squirrels, you can find mongoose, which can be pretty impressive and fun to watch.

There is a list of other animals in Hawaii, and squirrels are not part of them. If you are a squirrel enthusiast, Hawaii may not be so much fun.

Why Are There No Squirrels In Hawaii?

Hawaii is a beautiful tropical place that many people visit for vacation. There is always year-round nice and cool weather that is favorable for humans and animals. And surprisingly, squirrels do not live here due to some reason.

Squirrels, over time, have successfully migrated from one region to another, spreading across the globe. And they can only migrate by land or with the help of humans. That being said, there is no way they can move to Hawaii on their own because it is majorly an island.

Squirrels can not swim, so to get to Hawaii, they would need the help of humans. But Hawaiian laws to are against bringing squirrels to the state, which makes it illegal to be in the company of any pet squirrel or other non-domesticated animal.

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10 Interesting Animals You Can Find In Hawaii

People have argued that they have seen squirrels in Hawaii, but this is not true. The only animal that looks close to squirrels is a mongoose. They probably saw a mongoose and thought it was a squirrel.

Anyway, mongooses are also quite interesting as squirrels, however, they may not be as vibrant and active as squirrels. Below is a list of other animals that you can find in Hawaii;

  • Chameleon
  • Sea Turtle
  • Tiger Sharks
  • Dolphins
  • Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins
  • Nene Goose
  • Hawaiian Monk Seals
  • Manta Rays
  • Hoary Bats
  • Indian Mongoose

Final Thoughts

Hawaii is a really nice place, but it could be disappointing for squirrel enthusiasts to discover that there are no squirrels in Hawaii.

However, there are a lot of unique animals that are native to Hawaii that you’ll also find interesting to watch.

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