Do Squirrels Eat Dog Poop? (REAL ANSWER)

Do Squirrels Eat Dog Poop?

You never know what is up the sleeves of squirrels. They are very naughty, pesky, and silly, so even when you think you know everything that there is to know about them, they end up surprising you.

Let’s paint you a picture, you take your dog outside to do its business, and you notice a couple of squirrels lurking around like they are interested in the dog’s poop. Out of curiosity, you might wait to observe what they are about to do after your dog is done.

Now a couple of squirrels have gathered around, and it seems like they are feasting on the dog’s poop; you begin to wonder if it is an unusual behavior or if it is natural for squirrels to eat dogs’ poop.

Fortunately, you are in the right place as we are about to reveal some amazing facts about these fascinating animals, so stick around if you want to find out if squirrels eat dog poop.

Does Dog Poop Attract Squirrels?

Yes, squirrels are most times drawn to dogs’ poop. Do not be surprised when you find squirrels eating something that looks like dog poop at any given opportunity. Compared to the fact that they also eat insects and worms, this is even more disgusting.

However, just like every other food that squirrels will gladly eat, dog poop is just as nutritious and filling to them. That being said, dog poop might not always be the top choice for squirrels in the wild as they love eating vegetables, fruits, legumes, seeds, nuts, and acorns, but in the absence of plenty, squirrels will snack on just about anything, dog poop included.

These foragers do not mind eating your dog’s feces as long as they come across it. If you think it is gross or do not like the idea of squirrels eating your dog’s poop, you can control their access to your yard by using repellants.

Your dog’s presence can also scare them away, as you must have noticed that they wait till your dog isn’t close or around before making their way to the poop.

Nonetheless, it is essential to point out that dogs’ poop is very nourishing and nutritious, and it is not so bad to allow the squirrels to venture into eating it. For some people, it is a win-win situation, as squirrels get nourished from eating them and also help get rid of the poop off the lawn.

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Why Do Squirrels Eat Dog Poop?

You might have noticed your dog’s poop disappearing in your yard too often, but you wouldn’t think much of it until you see squirrels eating them. At this point, it is pretty understandable to wonder why squirrels will even think of eating dog poop.

We all know squirrels are scavengers and can do almost everything they come across. But eating dog poop can seem a little disturbing to humans, so what are the reasons why squirrels eat dog poop?

1. It Is Nutritious

Squirrels know that dog poop is nourishing and may not hesitate to indulge in it at any opportunity. For squirrels, there are a lot of health benefits from eating dog poop, as it contains proteins and other minerals, and vitamins.

2. Dog Poop Is An Easy Food

Unlike other food that requires a little amount of work to get, dog poop is just there and ready to eat, there is pretty much no need to start digging the ground or uprooting plants.

3. It is Filling

Squirrels are hardly very satisfied; as little as they are, they can go on and on eating all day. This is because they do a lot of climbing and running around from fence to trees. So they burn a lot of energy and always need to eat to replace it.

While scampering around for food and they come across dog poop, they would no doubt eat it to keep themselves active for the meantime until they find another source of energy.

4. It Is A Tasty Snack

Squirrels are most time drawn to dog poop because of the smell, they find the scent very attractive even if it smells horrible to you. Dog poop may also contain some undigested food that squirrels find very yummy and tasty.

Final Thoughts

Squirrels are attracted to dog poop and will not mind eating it at any given time, especially when other meals are complex to find.

Although it may be a pass for squirrels in the wild but squirrels in urban parts, find dog poop, filling, nutritious, tasty, and easily accessible, and these are why they would not hesitate to eat them.

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