Can Squirrels Eat Grubs? (Complete Guide)

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Can Squirrels Eat Grubs?

There are tons of facts some of us don’t know about squirrels, and one of them is whether they can eat grubs. Squirrels are interesting animals and always have a unique way of getting our attention (sometimes for bad reasons). 

Fond of scouting for food in trees, trash, and even the ground. Squirrels are regarded as opportunistic eaters; they will eat anything they find palatable. 

They can adapt to eating a wide range of foods that are naturally available to them. You have probably seen a squirrel munching on grubs, and it’s causing you to wonder if it is normal for squirrels to eat grubs. 

Yes, squirrels can eat grubs. However, this may not be their favorite meal. However, grubs are very rich in proteins and squirrels can enjoy some other nutritional benefits from eating them. Squirrels will only snack on this meal when they can’t get hold of different foods.

Grubs may seem disgusting and quite odd to you but they are not bad at all for squirrels. In fact, squirrels have a lot to gain from this meal. If you are curious whether squirrels can eat grubs, you are in the right place. 

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Can Squirrels Eat Grubs?

Yes, squirrels can eat grubs. Grubs contain some dietary supplements that are great for squirrels. As energetic tree-climbing little creatures, squirrels sure need a lot of snacks that can provide them with enough calories and energy because most of their energy is lavished on so many activities. 

In the fall of winter, squirrels are fond of saving and storing food in preparation for scarcity. They search for foods not to eat but to keep. During this period, they dig out nuts and seeds and in the process may find lawn grubs. 

Grubs are not necessarily what they are in search of but it’s a bonus meal. They can’t save grubs for later in their nest, and they’d prefer to snack on them rather than eat nuts and seeds that serve a better purpose. 

Do Squirrels Enjoy Eating Grubs?

We can’t wholly tell how much squirrels enjoy this meal, but for them to eat it from time to time means it soothes their taste buds. For some of us, grubs are gross and yucky but squirrels don’t seem to have an issue with it. 

One thing we must know is that squirrels are not restrictive eaters. They would snack on anything that seems edible to them, even if you do not approve. As natural scavengers and ultimate foodies, they do not know how and when to stop eating. 

And for this reason, when they come across grubs while digging, they can’t refuse them. However, it is well known that squirrels prefer nuts and seeds to all other forms of food as they seem to enjoy it better. 

Grubs are just an alternative for when there’s scarcity or shortage of food. So do not be surprised when you see these furry-tailed animals eating grubs in your yard. The following are the types of grubs squirrels can enjoy;

  • Oriental Beetles
  • Japanese Beetles
  • European Chafers
  • Asiatic garden Beetles
  • May or June Beetles
  • Scarab Beetles.
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Why Do Squirrels Eat Grubs?

You probably didn’t know this, but grubs are excellent sources of nutrients for some animals. If squirrels happen to come across grubs, they’d eat them for the following reasons; 

1. It Is A Survival Food

Squirrels can do anything for nuts and seeds, but when there is a scarcity of this food they would turn to eat grubs to sustain themselves and provide them the necessary nutrition pending when they can get hold of their favorite meal in abundance again. 

2. To Keep Malnutrition At Bay

Grubs which are in the larval stage of an insect, are rich in proteins, iron, fat, energy, magnesium, zinc, potassium, and vitamin B1. That is a lot of nutrients to keep a squirrel healthy and strong when there is hardly any other food source available to them. 

3. Help Save Food Longer

When squirrels come across grubs they tend to snack on them rather than eat the food they already stack up in their nest. Grubs can help sustain them for a while that way their emergency meals during winter can last longer than they would. 

Bottom Line

Grubs are insects in the developing stage, and they can be tasty snacks for not just squirrels but other animals like raccoons, skunks, dogs, birds, moles, and humans too. When food is scarce, it is common for squirrels to turn to the meat-based protein source. 

During this period, squirrels will not hesitate to eat grubs, and insects, and even raid bird nests for eggs.

Also whilst digging for seeds, squirrels may be lucky to find lawn grubs in the ground which they eat as a bonus meal. This may sound disgusting to you, but it is very natural for squirrels to eat grubs. 

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