Why Does My Cat Lick The Shower Curtains?

Jasmine Okechukwu
Why Does My Cat Lick The Shower Curtains?

Cats are fond of depicting strange characters and licking shower curtains is one of them. It may appear puzzling to you at first but that’s just your cat doing the typical things cats do. A couple of times cat owners have expressed worries about their cats eating vegetable soups and other crazy things that could harm them.

You probably thought you have seen it all until you notice that your cat is constantly licking your shower curtains right after you finished bathing. At first, you may overlook this attitude but with constant reoccurrence, you’d be curious to know why your cat licks the shower curtains.

Cats are naturally curious animals, it is a character trait for them to do things that seem quite unusual to us. In situations where your cat is thirsty, it may resolve to lick the shower curtains because it is wet. However, this is not the only reason why cats lick shower curtains.

Be rest assured that your cat isn’t losing it, there is obviously a reason why your cat is drawn to your shower curtains. This article provides in-depth explanations as to why cats lick shower curtains and offers solutions to the issue.

7 Reasons Why Your Cat Licks Shower Curtains

It is no news that cats are can be naughty and curious pets, however, this one of the attributes that make them peculiar when compared to other animals. A train of thoughts may go through your mind when you notice your cat seriously liking your shower curtains right after you are done having your bath.

Several reasons can cause your fur kid to go on a licking spree in the bathroom. The following are the reasons why your cat will do this;

1. Your Cat is Thirsty

Cats usually do not do the things we expect them to do, they are just wired that way. the fact that they have their water may not be enough for them. Your cat knows that right after you bathe, the shower curtains will be dripping wet. It may interest more to quench their thirst with water from the curtains rather than drinking their water.

2. Cats Likes The Texture And Temperature

Sometimes shower curtains attract cats because of the texture of the materials used to make them. The soft and smooth feel of the shower curtain will only encourage your cat to keep licking with no intention to stop anytime soon.

Also, cats love warmth a lot, you must have noticed that they enjoy staying in areas around the house where they can sunbathe themselves, especially in the windows. Cats are smart enough to know after you have your bath, the shower curtains will be warm, the warmth from the curtains is one of the reasons your cat will lick it non-stop.

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3. The Shower Curtain Contains Animal Fats

You may not be aware that shower curtains may contain animal fats that attract cats, but your cat has figured it out and is drawn to it. By nature, cats are obligate carnivores, meaning they are easy gets attracted to meat. Since the shower curtains contain animal fats, your cat would love to lick them with the illusion of eating meat.

4. Your Cat Is Marking Its Territory

Cats too are territorial animals, they mark their territories as much as other animals do. While getting to explore its environment especially if your cat was just recently adopted, they may proceed by leaving their scents on every nook and cranny of the house. Your shower curtains may not be the only thing in the house that has been licked, the walls too may be included.

5. Anxiety And Boredom

Anxieties too can be a factor causing your cat to lick the shower curtains. Due to how it feels cats may find solace in licking just about anything shower curtains inclusive. Cats also do strange things when they are bored and licking the shower curtains can be one of them.

6. There’s A Possibility That Your Cat Has Pica

A major sign of pica is when your cat frequently eats or licks objects that are certainly not food. This condition is not only common in cats but also in other animals and humans as well. If your cat constantly shows signs of this condition it is best to take it to the vet for proper diagnosis.

7. The Shower Curtains Are Made Of Pheromones

Pheromones are chemicals that can easily attract cats. Just like animal fats, cats are drawn to pheromones. They are made from animal products and can be used as an attractant to animals and not just cats.

Does Licking Shower Curtains Pose Any Threats To Cats?

Yes, it does. This habit may seem harmless but cats are at the risk of contracting toxoplasmosis by constantly licking shower curtains. Toxoplasma is a parasite that is responsible for causing this health condition.

When cats ingest contaminated water, foods, or even feces there is a high chance of contracting this disease. When cats have toxoplasma tey would show the following symptoms;

  • Headaches
  • Body pains
  • Fever
  • Lethargy
  • Loss of appetite
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Useful Suggestions To Stop Cats From Licking Shower Curtains

Licking shower curtains is gross and unhealthy for cats, the following suggestions can help encourage your cat to stop this bad habit;

1. Always Make Sure They Have Access To Good Water

One of the many reasons cats lick shower curtains is because they are thirsty and the water dripping from your shower curtains is the only available access to water can get.

Always ensure that your cat’s water feeder is filled with water to discourage it from licking the shower curtains. You can also place water feeders in different locations of the house.

2. Keep The Bathroom Doors Jammed

This is the fastest and surest way to stop your cat from licking the shower curtains. When they are refused access to the bathroom they won’t able to lick shower curtains. Restricting them from entering the bathroom is an effective way to stop them.

3. Change The Shower Curtains

You should also consider changing the curtains to eco-friendly curtains. If the motive for licking the shower curtains is because of the texture and warmth, changing your shower curtains from plastic to clothes will help save you the stress of always ensuring that the bathroom doors are locked.


For some reason, it is common for some cats to take a keen interest in shower curtains to the point of licking them.

It may be strange and gross to you but sure do enjoy it. Whatever the motive for this behavior it’s best to discourage it in all ways possible as cats can contract toxoplasmosis from licking shower curtains.

This article recommends that you always keep the doors shut, change the shower curtains to eco-friendly ones and make good water easily accessible to your cats. Also, decline any ideas of spraying cats deterrents on your shower curtains as this can be risky.

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