Kitten Won’t Leave Older Cat Alone (What To Do)

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Kitten Won’t Leave Older Cat Alone

Adopting a new kitten and bringing him home can be very exciting and joyful but at the same time, it can also come with some challenges. If you already have an older cat, you might notice that it is less thrilled to meet the new addition.

While some other older cats may be welcoming and very receptive to the new kitten, others may be annoyed or even threatened by their playful behavior. If you are struggling with a kitten that doesn’t want to leave your older cat alone, do not worry yourself, as you are not alone.

In this article, we will discuss some strategies to help your felines coexist peacefully and ensure a happy and harmonious home. Now let’s get to it.

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Reasons Why Kitten Is Clingy To Your Older Cat

There are several reasons why your cat may be clingy to your older cat, and they include;

  1. The kitten may seek comfort and security as they may feel overwhelmed in the new environment.
  2. Kittens are naturally curious and playful and may try to engage your older cat in play or exploration.
  3. There is a possibility your new kitten may be attempting to establish its place in the household and may be clinging to your cat as a way of asserting dominance.
  4. Kittens recently separated from their mother and or littermates may cling to the older cat as a substitute for maternal comfort.
  5. If your kitten is not well socialized, it may stick to your older cat out of anxiety and fear of the new environment.
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What To Do When Your Kitten Won’t Leave Your Older Cat Alone

Here are some of the tips on what you can do if your kitten won’t leave your older cat alone;

1. Keep Your Kitten Occupied

Provide toys and lots and lots of playtimes for your kitten to engage in other activities besides bothering your older cats. This will help shift their attention to other stimulation and also help you and your new kitten bond better.

2. Provide Separate Areas

Make sure each cat has their own exclusive space, especially for your older cat when the clinginess is becoming overbearing for him, and he needs a little breathing space or alone time.

3. Deter Bad Behavior

When your kitten is really clingy, and you notice it is beginning to get on your cat’s nerves, you might want to deter the kitten by using loud noises or spraying water from a bottle.

4. Gradually Increase Interactions

After ensuring that you have reduced their interactions, you can gradually increase the time they spend together so they can get used to being in each other’s company. Also, reward positive interactions.

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Tips On How To Help Your Older Cat Bond With The New Kitten

Here are the tips on how to help your older cat bond better with your kitten if he or she is having issues with the new addition;

  1. Start by properly introducing the kitten to the older cat.
  2. Always supervise their time together, so they can get to know each other in a controlled environment.
  3. Provide toys they can share and ensure that both parties have their toys.
  4. Ensure that each cat has a separate space to which they can both retreat.
  5. Do not force the relationship between your kitten and cat.


Introducing a new kitten to your household can be a challenging but ultimately rewarding experience for you and your feline friends. It is essential to understand why your new kitten won’t leave your older cat in order to know the best way to go about the issue.

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