Cat Purrs With Mouth Open – Is It Bad?

Jasmine Okechukwu
Cat Purrs With Mouth Open

Cats purring is a way of communicating their emotions, but when your cats open its mouth when it purrs you may wonder if there is something wrong. Cats are very vocal animals, and unlike some other pets, you can easily tell when they are relaxed, satisfied, happy, or pissed because of how expressive they are.

Most times, cats purr when they are in a very good mood, so it has become the most appreciated and anticipated cat sound. However, keeping its mouth open when it purr can be a thing of concern as cats are known to purr with their mouth closed, so is this a bad sign?

Yes, this is bad. Purring with mouth open isn’t a typical cat behavior, and so it is considered an indication of several health issues such as difficulty in breathing, discomfort, pain, or distress.

Sometimes, mouth opening can be accompanied by light or heavy drooling. Whatever the case may be is wise to consult with the vet to professionally evaluate your cat and diagnose the problem.

In this article, you are sure to understand better if your cat’s purring is bad, the several reasons why this is happening, and what to do to alleviate the potential issues.

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Understanding The Reasons Why Cats Purr

Purring is a way of communicating with their owners, not to forget that these sounds are adorable and every cat owner looks forward to hearing them.

Cats purr when they are trying to get their human’s attention. It is a natural momma cat instinct to purr as a way of calling out to her newborn kittens to breastfeed as they are born blind. Depending on your bond with your cat, they may “meow” or purr when they need your attention.

Another reason why cats purr is when they are happy contented, and satisfied. They mostly make this sound when they are interacting with their favorite human and animal. It shows that they are at peace and trust you.

Reasons Why Cats Purrs With Mouths Open

Cats purring with their mouths open can be due to a range of reasons, most of which sometimes indicate health issues. That said, here are the various reasons why your cat opens his mouth while he purrs;

1. Health Issues

When cats have respiratory disease or difficulty in breathing they may open their mouth to help them breathe better. Respiratory distress can be a result of heart diseases, allergies, asthma, and respiratory infections.

Other health reasons why this may occur include throat inflammation, dental issues, eustachian tube problems, renal failure, and cardiovascular issues.

2. Heat Regulation

If your cat is extremely hot it may pant to regulate heat. Sometimes they may pant and purr at the same time which may make them open their mouths. If it is a very hot summer day, rest assured that this is done to help your cat cool down their body temperature as they can’t sweat it out like humans.

3. Stress

When your cat is stressed out or in an uncomfortable situation, it may purr with its mouth opened to self-soothe or communicate its distress to its “Hooman”. It is best to understand why your cat is purring with their mouth so that you can help them accordingly.

What To Do When Your Cat Purrs With Mouth Open

Some reasons why your cat may be opening their mouth when they purr may be a life-threatening situation, which is why it is profitable to swing into immediate action when this happens;

  1. Closely monitor your cat’s behavior to help you take note of other signs that may indicate that they are distressed, try to figure out what might be causing them stress, and eliminate the cause.
  2. You should also be watchful of your cat’s breathing patterns, to make certain that your cat is not having trouble breathing you should consult with a vet immediately.
  3. If the temperature is really hot, you might want want to turn on the air conditioning or fan to help them regulate their body temperature faster and better.
  4. Try to maintain a stress-free environment for your cat, if they have e had enough playtime and starts purring with their mouths open, it is time to call it quits to help them rest.
  5. Schedule regular vet visitations for your best pet to help monitor health and catch on any underlying health issues early before it becomes life-threatening.

In Closing

Cat purring with mouth opened can be alarming as it could be a clear indication of a health problem but sometimes this might not be as serious as you fear. This is why we advise that you closely monitor your cat’s behavior and watch out for symptoms like lethargy, pain, difficulty in breathing, and discomfort.

While it is great to provide your cat with the best cat litter, clean water, high-quality food, and stress-free environments, it is best to visit your vet regularly for checkups.

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