My Dog Won’t Poop Anywhere But Home (What to Do)

My Dog Won’t Poop Anywhere But Home

Some dog behaviors can seem strange and confusing sometimes. However, it is not uncommon for dogs to only poop at home and nowhere else. Do not fret; nothing is wrong with your fur friend. They feel more comfortable pooping at home.

Twelve weeks old puppies should be set for potty training, which requires a lot of time and patience. However, this doesn’t always apply to all dogs, so if your puppy isn’t quite getting its potty training right at three months, rest assured that it is normal.

Dogs usually pick a perfect spot by sniffing around before settling to poop in that area; if anywhere else is not good enough, they won’t settle for it. That being said, there are several reasons you do this, and we will reveal them in this article and what you can do.

7 Reasons Why Your Dog Would To Poop At Home

Dogs are spectacular animals; even buff dogs can be pretty adorable and friendly as long as they are trained to be that way. It can, however, be upsetting to come back home only to find out your dog has pooped in several places around the house.

You try to understand that your doggo probably didn’t do it on purpose. But it becomes frustrating after multiple times this occurring that you might likely lose your temper.

It will be unclear to you, especially when your dog is potty trained; you may now begin to wonder where it picked up such behavior. Let’s take a close look at the reasons why dogs do this;

1. Inadequate Potty Training

Potty training a dog requires ample time and patience, but it can go a long way to prevent this kind of situation from occurring. Giving up halfway while potty training your doggo means the dog has not fully been trained.

However, on occasions when your dog is still undergoing potty training, the training is not yet complete and it is quite justifiable why your dog will choose spots in the house to poop.


Make sure your dog undergoes full potty training. Take them on regular walks, treat them, and praise the dog when it poops in the appropriate place. This will cause the dog to be aware of the right place to go and encourage the dog to want to keep pleasing you.

English Bulldog
Source: Ultimoribelle//Wikimedia Commons

2. Separation Anxiety And Stress

Some dogs can be so attached to their owners that they never want to be away or lose sight of their owners. If your dog has separation anxiety, it will prefer to ”go” at home where it can still be around rather than going someplace outside.

Stress is another cause of pooping problems; if your dog has gone through some stress of moving into a new home or has been some significant changes in your dog’s schedule, you should consider this to be why the dog will poop in the wrong places.


If your dog doesn’t want to lose sight of you, you can consider accompanying it outside to poop. That way, you are not away from your dog. Also, slowly introduce your dog to a new diet or schedule.

3. The Weather

The weather, too, can contribute to why your dog wouldn’t “go” outside. If it is raining, it is pretty evident that your dog would be discouraged about going outside. For some dogs, it is when it is snowing, or the grass is wet. If you have a very dramatic dog that dislikes gloomy weather, you may experience this.


Get raincoats and boots for your dog when it is raining or snowing; dress them appropriately for the weather. This will encourage them to go outside to poop or urinate.

American Eskimo
Source: Christmas w/a K//Wikimedia

4. Particular About Surfaces

Some dogs can be picky about surfaces, but mostly hard surfaces seem more appealing to them, which will cause them to refuse to stand on softer grounds. Since all the floors in the house are hard enough, your dog might be pleased to relieve itself indoors.


If your dog has taken a likeness to only hard surfaces or flour, you must sort out ways to make them comfortable. Consider taking them on walks when they are due for going to the bathroom, and find surfaces that are hard enough for your dog.

5. Distractions

Dogs, too, can give in to distractions, which is typical for some dog breeds that are naturally and easily distracted. When they try to ease themselves outside and notice some squirrels lurking around for dog poop, it is expected that the dog will get distracted and attempt to chase the squirrels.

Forgetting it was done pooping, your dog could come inside the house and end up defecating on your clean floor. And it keeps happening over and over.


Once you notice your dog’s pooping problems because it gets easily distracted, you will have to accompany it. Make sure to put it on a leash and stay patient until your dog is done pooping and urinating.

6. Your Dog Has Aged

If your dog has advanced a great deal in age, it is considered a senior dog. And it is widespread for seniors dogs to have pooping issues in the house. Old dogs are prone to cognitive dysfunctions and are more like to forget the appropriate place to go.


Please make your pet as comfortable as possible.

English Mastiff

7. Medical Issue

This is another possible reason why this happens in your home. Gastrointestinal problems due to food allergy and food poisoning can occur along the line. Other painful conditions like arthritis or hip dysplasia would discourage the dog from pooping when it is time because it is painful to squat. The dog holds the poop until it is too late to go outside.


If your dog has gastrointestinal problems, the best thing to do is to reach out to the vet immediately. Depending on the intensity of the ailment, you might have to take it to the animal hospital.

Sum Up

Do not get upset or angry when your dog poops; pick a favorite spot in the house to poop.

Dogs do not do these things intentionally to upset you. Follow up this behavior with training and retraining. However, if it is a health issue, take the dog to see a dog.

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