Dog Won’t Pee Away From Home (What To Do)

Jasmine Okechukwu
Dog Won't Pee Away From Home

As a canine parent, nothing is more frustrating than when your pet refuses to relieve themselves when you take them outside for a walk. When it has become a common occurrence, and it will certainly become problematic, especially when you plan to travel or relocate with your furry friend.

There are a few reasons why a dog might be reluctant to pee away from home, and figuring out the cause will help find a solution. Some dogs may have an attachment to their own space and feel more comfortable going to the bathroom in familiar surroundings.

Because dogs are creatures of habit, they may associate the comforts of home with a sense of safety and familiarity. Another possible reason could be that your pet is stressed or anxious in new environments, which can cause them to hold their bladder.

This can be common when they are away from their owner or familiar surroundings. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to help your dog feel more comfortable, and confident when they need to pee away from home.

In this article, you are sure to find out the reasons why your dog is acting in this manner and what o do about the situation. Stick around.

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Understanding The Reason Why Your Dog Won’t Pee Outside

There are several reasons why your dog may be hesitant to pee away from home. For the most part, your furry friend may feel more comfortable and secure going potty in a familiar environment.

Dogs tend to thrive on routine and they may associate the comforts at home with a sense of safety and familiarity. Another possible reason is that your pet may feel anxious or stressed in unfamiliar surroundings.

These situations or reasons often cause your canine friend to hold in whatever it is that needs to go, making it quite uncomfortable for both you and your doggo.

Separation anxiety can also be a contributing factor. It can cause dogs to struggle with using the toilet when their owners or owner is not around. In some cases, even if they know who they are with, the anxiety can simply come from not being at home or around home.

It is very important to identify the cause of this behavior, if you still can’t place your hand might be the issue, it is wise to seek professional help, either by reaching out to a vet or a dog trainer.

What To Do When Dog Refuses To Pee Away From Home

If your dog refuses to pee at home and you must have consulted your vet, and the possibility of an underlying medical issue is ruled out, there are several strategies you can give a try to encourage them to go potty in unfamiliar places. Here are the useful steps you should take;

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1. Establish A Routine

Try to maintain a regular schedule when it comes to your dog’s eating and bathroom habits. This can help create a sense of familiarity and predictability, which can in return, encourage your pet to go when it is time.

2. Use Positive Reinforcement

When your dog succeeds in going peeing in unfamiliar places away from home, reward them with praise or treats. This can help reinforce the behavior and make your pet more willing to repeat this behavior over and over again.

3. Bring Familiar Objects Or Scents

Bringing along your dog’s favorite toys or blanket can provide a sense of familiarity. You can also try spraying their usual urine or pee on the ground, it can help mark the spot and make it more appealing for your furry friend.

4. Avoid Getting Frustrated

Getting frustrated or pissed can cause you to scold or punish your dog. Scolding your dog or expressing frustration when they don’t pee can cause them to associate elimination with negative feelings. This can worsen the behavior in the long run.

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5. Seek Professional Help

If your dog continues to struggle with urination outside of the house even after trying out all the above suggestions, it is time to seek the help of either a dog trainer or a veterinarian.

The vet will have to thoroughly examine your dog for any underlying medical issue, while a professional dog trainer comes in handy for resolving any behavioral issue.

Remember to be patient and consistent with your training efforts when it comes to encouraging your dog to pee away from home. With some time and effort, your canine friend can learn to feel very comfortable and confident in doing his or her business in a new environment.

Final Thoughts

A dog refusing to pee away from home is a common issue among dog parents.

However, understanding the reason why your dog may be hesitant about peeing in an unknown environment and implementing the right strategies mentioned in this article can help fix the issue and encourage your pet to feel more at ease about peeing outside of the home.

The key is to be patient and consistent, and also try to understand your furry buddy’s behavior. Remember that each pet (particularly dogs) is unique and may require different approaches to help them feel comfortable and confident in a new environment.

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