I Keep Losing My Temper With My Puppy (What to Do)

I Keep Losing My Temper With My Puppy

Puppies can be a handful sometimes and pretty annoying and frustrating. You won’t be the first person driven to the edge by a puppy. Puppies are in the stage of character development, which is the best time to scold their destructive behaviors.

It is also not unusual for 12 weeks old puppies to hump excessively; a lot of dog owners find this behavior embarrassing and annoying at the same time. And no matter how much you scream or raise your voice, they still misbehave. This sometimes results in you hitting or smacking your puppy out of annoyance.

Puppies need a reasonable amount of time, training, and patience to learn. Please do not feel bad about your reaction; know that it is typical for dog owners to lose it. Resorting to appropriate ways to handle this situation is the best approach. Your puppy has a lot to learn and understand when acting like a bad puppy.

This article will reveal ways to control your temper when your puppy gets on your nerves repeatedly and correct some of your puppy’s destructive behaviors.

Is It Normal To Lose Your Temper With Your Puppy

Your puppy can be a constant source of your headache; he keeps doing the same things that get on your nerves time after time, even after scolding him.

Annoying behaviors that are very common for puppies are biting and chewing any and everything they can reach, urinating or pooping in places they are not supposed to, humping, and barking constantly.

It is very typical to feel frustrated at some point; no one like to yell at the top of their voice every time or do extra work cleaning up a puppy’s mess.

However, controlling how you feel is essential as this feeling can advance to become full-on resentment, and the fact is nobody likes living with something they despise, at the end, the little doggo will be taken to the animal shelter or abandoned.

It is best to sort out things that could make the relationship with your puppy as you are in charge. It may be difficult to keep your cool. However, you can try to impact some good behaviors in your puppy by taking some time to train him. A lot of patience would be required for this to be successful.

What To Do When Your Puppy Gets On Your Nerves

Make sure not to ignore or overlook your puppy’s misbehavior; it needs to be addressed immediately when they do annoying things. However, when you begin to lose your cool, these are the following things to do that can help you get in control of your temper;

  • Try to understand that the puppy is not fully aware of its wrongdoings and is also trying to get accustomed to the new environment.
  • Do some research about your puppy’s breed to understand better why your puppy may behave that way and what to expect.
  • You might also need some alone time when you lose your temper. Having a puppy is a lifetime commitment. However, you still need a minute or two for your sanity.
  • Make efforts to strengthen the bond between you and the puppy; this would help you cope and have more patience with the puppy.
  • Take time to train your puppy; you can also contact a professional if you do not have the time or patience to teach the puppy.

Negative Impacts Of Losing Your Temper On Your Puppy

How you react in certain situations can hurt not just your puppy but the owner-dog relationship. It is not uncommon for some owners to kick, smack or hit their dogs whenever they lose their cool.

When things like this happen frequently, the puppy may become scared of you, and shy away from you at all times. Also, this can cause the dog to become more aggressive and destructive of your properties.

As much as you want your doggo to know you are in charge, doing things that would cause him to be fearful of you would make the relationship unhealthy. When your puppy is scared, it will show signs such as shyness, lowered body language, restlessness, lack of appetite, trembling/shaking, and lack of trust.

How To Show Your Puppy That You Are Sorry

Puppies may not as sensitive as humans but they can tell when you are mad at them. Depending on the breed, puppies can also pick up on their owner’s feelings. Puppies can become upset by your reaction to their behaviors.

And when you go overboard with disciplining your puppy you might need to say sorry. Dogs may not exactly know what the word sorry means. However, you can show your dog you are sorry by talking to them in a very calm tone, taking them on a walk, and giving them their favorite treat or the best dog food.

Stop Common Misbehaviors In Puppies: What To Do

Rather than coping with bad behaviors from your puppy, it is better to curb it immediately else it will be a personality trait. The following are tips on to stop or prevent common behavioral issues with puppies;

1. Training

This is very vital for character development. Be ready to be dedicated and consistent in the training process. Your puppy would be able to tell positive behaviors from bad behaviors when you reward him for being good and scolds him by calling him a bad dog when he misbehaves.

2. Regular Excercise

Your puppy may not have enough strength to be destructive of things in the house after taking a long walk. Exercise can get puppies feel very exhausted causing them to just want to lie down and rest.

3. Puppy Proof The House

Put out personal stuff that can catch your puppies’ attention, such as shoes, toys, cleaning supplies, houseplants, human foods, and trashcans. Also, make sure medications are kept out of reach of puppies. Do not leave your personal belongings around your puppy as well.

Bottom Line

It is very typical for your puppy to get on your nerves and it is also normal for you to lose your temper and unleash your anger on the puppy. However, frequently losing it on your dog can affect the relationship with the puppy very badly.

You might begin to feel resentment towards the puppy and on the hand, the puppy would be extremely scared of you.

To prevent this from happening you have to sort out ways the relationship can work because you are in charge and you can call the shots and your dog will listen. Understanding your dog is the first step to take before taking time to train the puppy.

We advise that you talk to a personal dog trainer as it is very easy to give up on the training if you are not patient.

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