My Dog Won’t Get Out Of The Car (What to Do)

My Dog Won't Get Out Of The Car

After a jolly ride in the car, your dog might not want to get out. Generally, dogs are fond of acting funny most of the time, but refusing to get out of the car might be very strange to you. You begin to wonder if it is typical or if something is probably wrong.

It is very typical for dogs to behave oddly, some dog owners have complained that their dogs suddenly won’t come upstairs at night, and others have issues with their dogs only pooping at home. However, there are possible explanations behind why dogs do some things they do.

And you might be left clueless about what to do unless you understand why they act out. If you are out for answers, you have arrived at your one-stop article as we are providing you with vital information needed to help you solve this puzzle.

Why Won’t My Dog Get Out Of The Car?

Dogs can be a handful; they are constantly doing what they know how to do best. No doubt these adorable companions make us happy, but sometimes they cause us to yell at the top of our voices, especially when they are stubborn.

For instance, when you go out with your dog in the car, and suddenly he or she refuses to come out of the car despite all your pleas or yelling, the following are the possible reasons why;

Bernese Mountain Dog
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1. Your Dog Dislikes Going To The Vet

Let’s face it; some dogs are just so scared of going to the vet; they dread every vet appointment and will be very reluctant about going. It is not really about them not liking the hospital or the doctors there, they can just be terrified of needles.

If have noticed in the past that every trip you and your feline friend make to the vet is always a brawl, then this is undoubtedly why your dog refuses to come out of the car.

2. Your Dog Doesn’t Want The Ride To End

Going on a ride in the car with the windows open can be very intriguing for your dog. Getting your destination and the ride has to end; your dog won’t be happy. So rather than get out of the car, your dog would rather stay in the car, hence the refusal to get down from your car.

3. Dog Has a Phobia Of Jumping

Some dog owners have reported that their dogs get frightened by air fryer noise, and dogs too can have phobias for different things. That said, jumping down from high surfaces may not be your dog’s thing.

If your dog is quite scared of heights, jumping out may be kind of tough for him. How do you know this is the reason? You’d notice your dog attempting to jump down from the car but keep backing out of fear.

4. Getting Out Is Painful

Climbing out of the car may be very painful and exhaustive for your dog, especially if he is a senior dog. For younger dogs, be sure to check for signs of arthritis or any leg injuries as these can be a possible reasons why your dog will suddenly begin to hesitate about getting out of the car.

What To Do About Your Dog’s Refusal To Get Out Of The Car

It can be exhausting and frustrating when your dog adamantly hangs in the car when you want him to get down. The following are recommended ways to go about this issue;

1. Keep Your Cool

There is doubt that dogs can be annoying sometimes, which can get on your nerves. It is best to try and keep your cool when this happens. Try as much as possible not to yell, as this may cause your dog to be terrified. Communicate with your dog in a calm but firm voice.

2. Use Pet Ramp

If your dog is the kind that is scared of jumping out of the car, a pet ramp with definitely encourage him to get out. Making it easier for your dog to get out by using a pet ramp is a win-win. Place the pet ramp just beside the car for your dog to use comfortably. This also helps encourage dogs that may find climbing out of the car painful.

3. Proper Training

Teaching your dog to obey you when asked to come down is going to help eliminate a future possibility of this repeating itself. You can do this by either talking to a professional or carrying out the training yourself. When your dog actually obeys your command make sure to reward them with their favorite treat.

In Closing

We understand quite well how annoying it can be for our dogs to refuse to leave the car. Some dogs just do not want the ride to end, while others might be too scared or anxious to get out of the car. Whatever the reason why you won’t get out is, you just have to keep your cool by trying to understand your dog.

Dogs don’t wish to piss their owners off on purpose, they certainly don’t know how much they are stressing you. Using a pet ramp or lifting them out of the car might also help.

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