Can Golden Retrievers Be Outside Dogs?

Jasmine Okechukwu
Can Golden Retrievers Be Outside Dogs?

Can golden retrievers be outside dogs? Often dog enthusiasts and rookie golden retriever owners wonder if they are outdoor dogs. So, it is not uncommon to be faced with the dilemma of leaving your golden retriever outside your home or accommodating them indoors.

Golden retrievers are amazing dogs; they are smart, friendly, and playful, this dog breed makes very great companions, but their living arrangements may be confusing as opinions on the subject vary.

I’ve met a couple of golden retriever parents at the dog playground and asked them if their pooch preferred to stay indoors or outdoors, and I got opposing responses, which threw me off. So I had to make my own findings to ensure my golden retriever doesn’t feel neglected and cold when left outside or caged and restricted indoors.

Fortunately, a lot of factors became clearer for me. In this blog post, we will be very explicit about providing you with the answers you need, do stick around.

Can Golden Retrievers Be Outside Dogs?

Golden retrievers are great additions to the household, they are great with kids, interactive, intelligent, and tolerant. In addition to their special cognitive abilities, golden retrievers are versatile and capable of adapting to certain conditions. But can they be outside dogs?

No, golden retrievers are mostly indoor dogs. Although they can stay outside, it is best to keep them indoors to stay safe from harsh weather conditions. As an experienced golden retriever owner, it is well known for a fact that this dog breed would rather stay indoors with their owners rather than be outside.

Outdoor activities such as hunting, playing fetch, swimming, or tracks are fun for golden retrievers as their energy levels are naturally high. But making them stay outside with limited social interactions with humans and animals alike is not the right way to go.

Golden Retrievers

Reasons Why Golden Retrievers Shouldn’t Be Outside Dogs

As much as golden retrievers love outdoor activities they should be kept outside for a long period, and here’s why;

1. Genetic Composition

Due to their genetic makeup, golden retrievers are susceptible to skin issues like atopic dermatitis which causes their skin to be itchy and sore. And the risk of having these skin issues is heightened when they become outside dogs.

2. Heat Strokes

Golden retrievers have very thick and long fur coats that can cause it to be pretty uncomfortable for them in hot weather conditions. Their thick coat cause their bodies to keep in heat which gradually triggers heat stroke or exhaustion.

3. Separation Anxiety

Golden retrievers love and constantly crave human interactions, attention, and care. And when they are kept outside the house for an extended period of time they may begin to feel lonely and anxious. Due to this, you will notice that your friendly and adorable doggo has become aggressive, destructive, and compulsive.

4. Dehydration

In hot weather conditions, it is typical for dogs to feel dehydrated, but this can be more intense when they are outside dogs.

It is imperative to consult with your vet when you notice any of these signs. And best to avoid it entirely by keeping your golden retriever indoors while allowing them to have fun, get some fresh air, and play in the sun from time to time.


Golden retrievers make great companions and thrive as outstanding family pets. However, the debate on whether they should be outside dogs or stay indoors has over time become a common discussion.

That said, we strongly advise against keeping this dog breed outside for too long, as this can expose them to a series of health issues such as heat stroke or heat exhaustion, atopic dermatitis, and dehydration.

Your pooch is also prone to separation anxiety when isolated outside the house. It is best to take good care of your golden retriever in your home as this will help you keep a close eye on them and provide them with all the love and attention that they need.

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