New Puppy Won’t Eat And Sleeps A Lot (What to Know)

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New Puppy Won't Eat And Sleeps A Lot

Caring for a new puppy can be quite tasking, and there isn’t a rule book to help guide you through this delicate time with the dog. Many dog owners have experienced similar situations with their puppies, so it doesn’t matter if it is your first time owning a puppy.

One thing that is very important is paying very good attention to your puppy’s health as puppies are very susceptible to various kinds of diseases or health issues. It should also be a top priority to ensure they eat a balanced diet by feeding them one of the best dog food brands.

As adorable as puppies can be, it is best to understand that they are at a critical and tender stage. And it is insignificant if they fall under the muscular dog breeds or the fluffy white breeds. They all still need a significant amount of love, attention, and proper care.

And you won’t be wrong if you are worried about the puppy when it doesn’t eat and is constantly lying around. Sometimes, something is wrong with your puppy, and he may need to see a vet immediately.

This article will reveal all there is to know when faced with this issue, including the potential reasons why your new puppy won’t and when to take him to the vet. Stick around.

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Why Is My New Puppy Not Eating And Sleeping So Much?

You might have heard of interesting stories some pet owners share about their puppies making them lose their temper and it can make you feel left out when all your puppy wants to do is sleep and ignore food.

This can also get you worried about your puppy’s well-being, you may begin to wonder what can possibly be wrong with her. The following will help fix the puzzle;

1. Separation Anxiety

There is a high chance that your new puppy misses its old home. Being separated from their mom and siblings can be a big change for some puppies, this can cause them to remain in their shells and refuse to eat. Not eating can further cause your puppy to feel very weak.

2. Depression

A new puppy can seem depressed and stressed after its previous home and moving to a new one. The whole new environment is strange to him, which in turn causes the puppy to feel down.

For other reasons, your new puppy can have a gloomy mood and lack an appetite for food. Rather than socialize and bond with you, your puppy will spend more time sleeping. Depression in puppies should not be taken likely, as this is mainly caused by traumatic experiences.

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3. Puppy Is A Picky Eater

Another possible reason why your new puppy won’t eat is if it is a picky eater. If you only offered dry food, you might want to switch to wet food and vice versa.

However, it is very unusual for puppies to go for more than a day without food, picky eater or not at some point your new puppy will have no choice but to nibble o the available food.

4. Medical Issues

Puppies are prone to several medical issues; this is why they require all the proper medical care and vaccinations to prevent these illnesses. Puppies’ immune system isn’t as strong as adult dogs, and this causes them to be very susceptible to the following health problems;

  • Canine Parvovirus
  • Respiratory Infections
  • Heartworm
  • Gastrointestinal problems
  • Teething Discomfort
  • Fever.

These medical issues can cause puppies to lack appetite, be lethargic and sleep around.

What To Do When Your New Puppy Doesn’t Eat

Puppies, no doubt are very delicate and require a lot of care and medical attention to make sure they grow up strong and healthy. Generally, puppies are very active, social, and playful, so when they are quite reserved and seem lethargic after refusing to eat for a long while, it means there is a problem.

It should be a priority to ensure that they eat by trying different dog foods. Your puppy is probably very picky about their meals, try to figure out what food they love best. Once you have that all figured out; there is absolutely nothing with you sticking to your puppy’s favorite foods.

The most important thing to do, when faced with this issue, is to talk to a vet or a professional. If your new puppy is anxious, stressed, or depressed, depending on the severity of the condition, your puppy may be needing some medications.

Your puppy would also require a combination of your patience, love, care, and support to get them through. Taking your puppy to the vet will also help ascertain if your puppy is having other health issues.


Puppies are very adorable and loving; they light up the home with their playfulness and agility.

They do love to eat as much as they play, so it is a cause of concern when they do not clear out the food in their bowls and sleep around all day long.

There are quite several reasons why this can happen, and the best thing to do in such a situation is to seek advice from a professional or get a doctor’s appointment for your new puppy.

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