Dog Chewed Leather Couch (What To Do)

Jasmine Okechukwu
Dog Chewed Leather Couch

Having a leather couch in a living space can add some style and sophistication that can be aesthetically pleasing. However, this luxury piece of furniture can become a nightmare when your dog chew at it repeatedly.

This is a terrible situation because the leather couch turns into an eyesore or becomes a shadow of itself and because it is an expensive problem. And despite your warnings, your dog continually uses your leather couch as a chewing toy.

Like every other time your dog misbehaves, you are kind of clueless about what to do to salvage this situation. Well, don’t worry, as you will find out the next best step in this article.

We will guide you through the steps to bring back your most-priced furniture in its glory and how to prevent your dog from damaging it again.

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Reasons Why Your Dog Chew At The Leather Couch

Your dog is certainly not chewing the leather couch because he wants to punish you, no it is not that, so drop that thought. That said, here are reasons why your dog will chew the leather couch;

1. Teething

Dogs, especially puppies, are fond of chewing and biting at random things when a new tooth is coming in. Sadly, your leather couch might seem a convenient chew toy for them at that moment.

2. Boredom

If your dog or puppy isn’t occupied with anything throughout the day, they might use chewing as entertainment.

3. Lack Of Exercise

When you do not take your dog on walks frequently, it can take a toll on them. Aside from that, this will cause your dog to have excessive energy to be destructive around the house and damage your leather couch.

4. Hunger

A hungry dog may be destructive to random things and your furniture. If they do not enjoy enough nutrients or their diet is insufficient due to being fed low-quality food rather than the best dog foods, they are expected to start chewing the pieces of furniture.

5. Separation Anxiety

If your dog is clingy, he or she might go through a lot of stress and anxiety when you are not around. This can cause them to start chewing at your leather couch.

Source: Ed Yourdon//Wikimedia Commons

Preventing Your Dog From Chewing Leather Couch

If your dog chewed on your leather couch, it is best to prevent further damage immediately. Below are ways to prevent your dog from chewing your leather couch;

  1. Ensure you provide chew toys for your dog to redirect their attention from the couch.
  2. Use deterrents to discourage them from chewing the furniture. Ensure you opt for a natural deterrent, such as bitter apple spray.
  3. Consider covering the couch with a cloth or a re-washable slip cloth.
  4. Distract your dog by engaging them in the required hours of exercise. Other distractions can be toys and treats you know your dog loves so much.
  5. Seek professional help if necessary, especially if you have exhausted all the possible solutions.

Tips On How To Fix Your Leather Couch

If your dog has already chewed and damaged your leather couch, don’t panic, there are ways you can still salvage the situation;

  1. First, clean the affected area with a soft cloth and leather cleaner.
  2. If the damage is deep, you can use leather filler to fill holes or dents.
  3. Once the leather filler has completely dried, sand it down with fine-grit sandpaper until smooth.
  4. Use leather dye if the chewed area is discolored.
  5. Once you are done refilling, smoothening, and possibly dying, the next step is to apply your leather conditioner.

Final Words

We understand how difficult and time-consuming it can sometimes be to repair damaged leather; however, if the damage caused is severe or too overwhelming for you, it might be best to get in touch with trained personnel in that field.

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