12 Weeks Old Puppy Humps (What to Do)

12 Weeks Old Puppy Humps (What to Do)

It can be very shocking when your 12-week-old puppy starts humping at different objects in the house; you begin to wonder if it isn’t too early for that kind of behavior as it may seem strange and kind of embarrassing to some dog owners.

Humping, also regarded as mounting, is one behavior that could make you scream “bad dog”. No doubts, dogs are unique and adorable but this kind of behavior can force you to shout or pull at them.

It is not tolerated, as this will only encourage them to continue or make it worse. And seeing your 12 weeks old puppy exhibit such behavior is perplexing; you begin to wonder, isn’t it too early for this?

This article reveals why your 12 weeks puppy is humping and what to do to stop this behavior, do stick around.

Is It Normal For 3-Month-Old Puppies To Hump?

Yes, it is very typical for 3-month-old puppies to hump. Pupping is very adorable and can get carried away when they play or get excited. Do not be too surprised when your female puppy starts humping at 12 weeks.

Humping at 3 months for both female and male puppies doesn’t mean there is something wrong with it it is pervasive for them to start mounting and licking at this age.

The behavioral patterns of dogs are very different from that of humans. As disgusting and embarrassing as you may find this behavior, your puppy is trying to express its emotion. You can always caution your puppy to stop but also have to understand that there are different reasons why your puppy is humping.

Labrador Puppy

Why Is My 12-Weeks-Old Puppy Humping So Much?

While it is widespread for popping to begin humping at 12 weeks, it is best to know the reason for this behavior to know what to do and how to go about it. Below are the possible reasons why your puppy is humping;

1. Excitement

Puppies are well known to be very playful and get excited when they are at it. Do not worry when you finally get back home from work and your puppy welcomes you by humping, just know your puppy is very happy to see you, and the feeling can be so overwhelming for your puppy.

Sometimes it might be with a new toy or a playdate with other puppies; humping is one of the ways they express themselves when excited.

2. Dominance

Although this is rarely used to show dominance, your puppy may be trying to be the dominant dog among its peers. And for the sake of the dog being dominated, it is best to discourage this behavior.

3. Anxiety And Stress

Stress and anxiety can also take a toll on puppies as much as it does on humans. This can trigger them not to know how to act and causes displacement in behavior. For humans stress and anxiety can be displayed by feet tapping or biting the fingernails, on the other hand, puppies could hump on objects, other dogs, or somebody’s feet.

4. Social Development

Puppies also learn from exhibiting different behaviors to know which is right or wrong, and humping is one of them. When you yell for them to stop they definitely know it is bad and that wouldn’t get them treats.

Research has shown that puppies that were separated from their siblings too early are higher tendencies of humping. This is because puppies learn from each other and if other puppies always frown at it humping that would teach the puppy that the behavior is not welcome.

5. Health Issues

Humping can also mean there is something wrong with your puppy. Be watchful if your puppy is showing other signs of discomfort alongside humping. A regular visit to the vet can help to detect and tackle this issue immediately.

How To Stop Your Puppy From Humping

When your puppy starts humping at 12 weeks old, do not overlook the behavior or tolerate it as that would only encourage them to continue, and then it becomes a habit. As funny and embarrassing as it is for the first time, you must caution your puppy against such behavior.

However, you do not really have to yell or be utterly aggressive at your puppy, you should teach your puppy some commands like “stop it”, “quit it “or “leave”. Whenever your puppy listens and obeys to command, you can reward it with its favorite treat.

Try to make your puppy know that humping on random things is not cool. If your puppy is not yet used to those commands you can take a step further by removing them from such a situation called redirecting.

Also, limit your puppy’s access to toys that it usually mounts, hide it all away and leave out only chewable and little toys.

If all of this is not enough to discourage humping or stopping it you should take it to the vet to be sure it is not a medical problem and if the possibility of a health issue is ruled out, you might be needing a dog trainer for positive reinforcement training.

Finally, your last resort should be spaying or neutering your puppy when it is certain that the reason for humping is sexually motivated. Neutering or spaying your puppy would curb humping, however, seek medical advice to be sure your puppy is at an appropriate age.

Bottom Line

Humping is the most embarrassing behavior dog portrays, it may appear funny as well but it is best to scold your puppy immediately so that the behavior does not become a habit. Puppies can begin humping when they are overly excited, stimulated, playful, bored, stressed, or sexually motivated.

Other reasons can be due to social development or medical issue. It Is best to understand the reasons why your 12 weeks old puppy is humping to know how to discourage or stop it.

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