Why Is My Dog Afraid Of The Air Fryer?

Jasmine Okechukwu
Why Is My Dog Afraid Of The Air Fryer?

Why is my dog afraid of the air fryer? As a dog parent, you might have noticed that your fur child gets hysterical whenever the air fryer comes on. Trust me when I say you aren’t alone, a high number of other dog owners have similar issues as well.

Dogs have become a vital part of our lives and our home. They can tell when we are sad and can provide us with the emotional support we so desire. And we also want to be there for them whenever they need us.

Judging from how scared and afraid your dog gets when she hears the sound of `an air fryer, you have the right to be worried for your canine friend and look for answers. Which brings us to the question “why does the air fry scare my dog?”

Dogs have very sensitive ears and can hear any sound from as far as 80 feet. These strong hearing abilities can also be a disadvantage to them. The beeping and buzzing sound of air fryers is one that many dogs don’t like.

Dogs are not called man’s best friend for nothing. Asides from being great companions, they also alert us of dangers using their noses and ears as security tools. In this post, we will be explaining in full detail why your dog is afraid of the air fryer and then also list out the ways your can help your dog get over this phobia.

Noise Phobia: The Reason Why Your Dog Is Afraid Of The Air Fryer

As earlier stated, dogs have very strong hearing abilities that keep that alert in their surroundings. However, this ability can cause some dogs to have a noise phobia. Noise phobia is when your dog gets anxious over loud noises.

Dogs easily get triggered by the sound air fryers make. The fan spins a lot to cook the food, and depending on the size of the air fryer, it could be very loud. Loud enough to scare and terrify a dog. Also, when the air fryer beeps the sound could be too loud for your dog’s ears to handle.

Their sensitive ears hear a lot of sound waves. Some sounds humans won’t hear can be heard by dogs. This is why they are more susceptible to noise phobia and anxieties. When too close to air fryers while it is working, dogs with noise phobia can be traumatized by the sound. 

Many dog owners have reported that their dogs are shaken and always try to hide away from the sound. However, some signs to look out for when your dog has noise phobia are;

  • Hiding away from the noise
  • Trembling
  • Whining and barking
  • Drooling
  • Excessive chewing and digging 
  • Clumsiness 
  • Tucking their tails between their legs
  • Being clingy.

What To Do If Your Dog Is Scared Of Air Fryers?

Although your dog may seem terrified by air fryers, there are several suggestions you can adopt to help your dog in such conditions and we will be explaining them below; 

1. Take Dog On A Walk

Even if you can’t take your dog on a walk yourself, you can ask someone else for help. Whenever you want to put your air dryer to use make sure to have made arrangements for your dog to go on a walk. Thereby saving them the stress of having to hear the sound at all.

2. Secure Your Dog In Another Room

If taking your dog on a walk won’t do you can opt for keeping the dog in a separate room with the doors shut. Your dog may be able to hear the sounds but it won’t be as loud and traumatizing as when they are closer to the air fryer. For extra effect, you can play calm music to tone down the noise while your dog is secured in a room.

3. Take Your Dog Outside

To save your dog the stress you set up a play session with your dog’s neighborhood friend. And if you have a backyard fence you can allow your fur friend to play outside while you put the air dryer to use.

4. Seek Medical Help

When your dog exhibits severe symptoms of noise phobia to air fryers, you have to seek medical advice. Most times the vet prescribes a drug that will help calm your dog through the noise. 

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Behavioral Modifications In Dogs

Through behavioral modification, you can naturally help your dog cope with noise. And there are two common techniques to use in this regard and they are;

1. Desensitization

This technique is done by gradually introducing your dog to triggering sounds, especially one for a working air fryer. While using this technique, ensure that the sound is reduced to the barest minimum for the first few trials. Then over time, your keep increasing the sounds till they can totally tolerate the noise.

2. Counter-conditioning

Counter conditioning is a technique that involves attempting to get your dog accustomed to the noise while distracting it with something it desires. This could it most loved toy or a favorite treat. this can help change your dog’s reaction to the stimulus.

Final Thoughts

Not all dogs will react negatively to an air fryer but if your dog does, do not panic or get worked about it. The major reason why your dog is terrified is because of the beeping and buzzing noise from the air fryer.

There are ways you can help your dog in this situation but ultimately when the reactions are very severe you definitely see a vet doctor of medical intervention.

Additionally, you meet a dog trainer for professional help.

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