15 Cheap Backyard Fence Ideas For Dogs

Jasmine Okechukwu
15 Cheap Backyard Fence Ideas For Dogs

Want ideas on cheap backyard fences suitable for your dog? Well, of course, you do! There is no doubt that you adore your dog and certainly want to keep him safe from potential threats. Backyard fences however guarantee their safety, it protects them from threats in the surroundings and prevents them from wandering away or getting lost. 

What greater joy can you give a dog than to allow him to roam freely in the yard? Dogs love to be off-leash when they are outside and installing a backyard fence will do a lot of good for you and your dog. 

Low-cost backyard fence ideas include a wood fence, chain link fence, small dog fence, puppy fence, picket fence, pallet fence, portable dog fence, wire fence, lattice dog fence, patio fence, metal dog fence, bamboo rolls fence, plastic dog fence, PVC deer blocking fence, and vinyl dog fence.

With these fences, you don’t have to worry so much about your dog getting attacked by other animals or getting stolen. Still curious? Stick around to find out more about these low-budget yet effective fences. 

15 Low-Budget Backyard Fences Ideas For Dogs

Even for your other pets, these fences will serve you well.

1. Wood Fence 

15 Cheap Backyard Fence Ideas For Dogs
Source: mayfairfence

Wood fences are cost-effective and perfect for dogs. They secure your dog and also your home from wild animals. If you do not like chain or metal fences, there are a lot of wooden fence designs you can choose from that not only keep your dog in place but also protect your garden (if you have one).

Wooden fences can give your backyard a whole new beautiful look depending on the design you choose. 

Chain Link Fence
Source: ManAndWomanBestfriends

If you have a dog that likes peering outside, he probably has friends around that he looks forward to seeing every day, or just generally loves to watch people pass by then you’ll be doing your dog a favor by installing a chain-link fence.

However, chain link fences are reliable and can last you for a long time. Plus you don’t need to spend too much to fix them when they finally succumb to damage. 

3. Small Dog Fence

small dog fence
Source: Camping World

If you have a small dog, you don’t need a huge space but it also does not have to be too small for your dog. This is cost-effective as you don’t need a lot to set the fence up, also you don’t have to worry as it gives your dog freedom to move and play around in an enclosed and secured space. 

4. Puppy Fence

Puppy Fence
Image: @faye // Instagram

If your dog is still a puppy then this is an excellent choice. Puppies will appreciate a little stimulation in their space so make it fun by sparking this enclosed space with playhouses and toys. Your puppy doesn’t have to feel bored or lonely in their playground. 

5. Picket Fence

picket fence
Source: Wuz by

Yes, picket fences can also serve as restrictive fences for your dog. Although they are not high, this standard fence blends into your home front and keeps your dog secured. Picket fences might not be the best option if you have a big dog, it is only suitable for small dogs. Nevertheless, you can rest assured that this fence will serve its purpose for a long time. 

6. Pallet Fence

Pallet fence
Source: K9 of mine

Don’t throw away your old pallets; they can be used as protective fences for your dog. Pallet fences resemble a typical wooden fence, however, if you are not quite pleased with how it looks you can switch things up by painting them and giving them an entirely new look. 

7. Portable Fence

Portable fence
Source: Petknowledge

This is a great choice for dog owners that may want to change the playground location for their dogs. Portal fences are easy to pack up and set up, there is no need for digging the ground for them. They are suitable both indoors and outdoors. You can easily expand or limit the space depending on how much space you want your dog to have. 

8. Wire Fence

Wire Fence
Source: Malhopac

Wire fences do not only keep horses or livestock on the property, but they can also restrict your dog from getting away. This see-through fence can help dogs sight potential threats around the area. Wire fences are inexpensive and suitable for grassland areas. 

9. Lattice Dog Fence

Lattice fence
Source: Amazon

This will give you the look of a wooden fence but with more visibility. A lattice dog fence should be considered if your property is large as it may look too congested for a small space. Lattice dog fences are beautiful and won’t cost you a lot. 

10. Patio Fence

Patio Fence
Source: Wayfair

This allows your dog to roam freely both outdoors and indoors without necessarily going outside or getting its paws soiled. A patio fence is best for owners who would prefer to maintain their dog’s hygiene and at the same time allow them to get fresh air outside. 

11. Metal Dog Fence

Metal Dog Fence
Source: Ubuy

Come rain come shine metal dog fences will remain as these fences are either made up of aluminum, steel, or iron. Metal dog fences are best for big and aggressive dogs, no matter how strong these dogs are they can’t break free from this fence. Always opt for a design that will give your home a lovely exterior look.  

12. Plastic Dog Fence

Plastic Dog Fence

These are dog fences that are made out of polypropylene and although it is durable, they can’t be used as a protective fence for big dogs, or for dogs that chewed just about anything as the material used to make this fence may not be able to withstand so much of force or pressure. 

13. Bamboo Rolls Fence

Bamboo Rolls Fence
Source: Wayfair

If you want to go traditional then bamboo fencing should be your choice. As cost-effective as they are, bamboo roll fences are very strong and durable. And you do not have to worry about your dog breaking through this fence as this fence will certainly keep your dog contained. Bamboo roll fences do not wither with time, weather, or weight. 

14. PVC Deer Blocking Fence

PVC Deer Blocking Fence
Source: Pvz Industry

This fence idea is a great option if you want a dog fence but are on a budget. Pvc deer blocking fences are low-cost and efficient backyard fences for your dog. It restrains your dog from getting away, stolen, or attacked by other animals and is still very much pocket friendly. 

15. Vinyl Dog Fence

Vinyl Dog Fence
Source: Freedom Outdoor Living

Unlike many other types of dog fences, vinyl dog fences are fully covered, which is great if your priority is privacy. Though you can adopt a lattice design for the top of this fence, the rest of this fence has to be covered. This is perfect for dogs that aren’t very friendly with people, most security dogs. 


It’s the sole duty of pet owners to safeguard their pets from thieves and dangerous animals. Most times this means creating or installing a protective wall around your home.

More so, a dog fence should be built to allow your pet to move around freely without leaving the vicinity. This article has compiled 15 backyard dog fences that are strong, durable, and cost-effective.  

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