Can Dogs Eat Provolone Cheese?

Can Dogs Eat Provolone Cheese?

Cheese is a dairy product that is very delicious, nutritious, and healthy we often use it as an ingredient in most of our food which we consume daily. Cheese has many kinds and Provolone cheese is my favorite, which is very tasteful, well tolerated, and low in carbohydrates.

Sometimes when I am having my dinner lunch or breakfast my dog likes to sit beside me. So as a dog parent I often like to share my delicious human meal with my dog.

I often like to offer my dog some Provolone cheese snacks and my dog goes crazy as the cheese melts in his mouth he enjoys it a lot.

But still prior to feeding cheese to my dog I always think and ask myself “Can Dogs Eat Provolone Cheese”?

Is Provolone Cheese Safe For Dogs To Eat?

Provolone cheese is a dairy product that is dog friendly. If given in lesser amounts or occasionally, it is healthy for our dogs to eat Provolone Cheese. Here are some reasons why Provolone cheese is beneficial for canines:

1. Balanced Lactose Content

Provolone Cheese is low in carbs which will not let your canine gain weight. This is very good for dogs with diabetes and for dogs that need to lose weight.

2. Rich In Vitamins And Minerals

Provolone Cheese is mineral and vitamin rich especially high in Vitamin A and B.

3. High In Fatty Acids

Provolone cheese is high in fatty acids. Fatty acids can help dogs in boosting their immune system, making their coat and skin more healthy and reducing inflammation.

4. Excellent source for giving medicine to dogs

Provolone cheese works well as a pill pocket. Sometimes it’s very hard and challenging for us to give medicine to our dogs. It comes in handy when you don’t have any specific pill pockets, you can use a small piece of provolone cheese and wrap the medicine in it and your dog will eat it without creating any problem.

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Can Provolone Cheese Be Toxic For Dogs?

Provolone cheese can be toxic for dogs even though it is considered better cheese than other dairy products.

For instance, feeding your canine huge chunks of provolone cheese or feeding it daily to your dog can affect your dog’s health. Here are some reasons why provolone cheese can be bad for dogs.

1. Lactose Problem

Despite having low lactose content it can be toxic for dogs that have severe lactose intensity. In such instances lactose-free provolone products are preferable.

2. Digestion Problem

If you are feeding your dog a lot of provolone cheese then it can upset your dog’s stomach and can cause tummy problems such as lethargy, diarrhea, vomiting, and appetite loss.

3. Pancreatitis

Provolone cheese is fat and mineral-rich, if given to your do in large quantity then it can lead to pancreatitis in your dogs which is very painful.

Provolone cheese should be considered as a daily meal as it is an occasional treat. It should not comprise more than 10% of your canine’s food intake. It should only be given in small amounts as moderation is the key.

If your dog has never eaten provolone cheese then before giving it to him you should always ask your vet. It’s always best to avoid giving provolone cheese to puppies.


Provolone cheese is a dog-friendly cheese that is low in lactose and carbohydrates and mineral-rich.

It is safe for dogs to eat provolone cheese but only when given in small amounts and occasionally as moderation is the key. It should not be considered a daily treat. It is always best to consult with your vet prior to feeding it to your dog.

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