7 Pros And Cons Of Belly Bands For Dogs

7 Pros And Cons Of Belly Bands For Dogs

Getting a new dog can be one of the best decisions you can make because they can be very lovely, and adorable, and can become an unconditional companion for life. They often times jump around and wag their tails in excitement. This can make you satisfied with having a happy dog.

However, sometimes, depending on the nature of your dog, these regular episodes of excitement can bring about an uncontrollable release of urine in your house. This may bother you and may require you to find a remedy for that.

Some other times, frequent urination may be caused as a result of accidents that make your dog urinate around your home. Anxiety, timidity, and territorial marking are also common reasons why dogs may urinate in the wrong places around the home. Urinary incontinence can also be seen in aged dogs.

All of these can leave a nasty and unpleasant smell in your home that may be very difficult to take away. Having experienced any of these, you may be seriously considering getting a belly band for your dog in order to prevent and avoid any such occurrences in your home.

But, before you get a belly band for your dog, it is quite vital that you consider the factors, pros, and cons of belly bands in dogs. This article will help you to weigh in on this and make the perfect choice for you and your dog.

What Are Belly Bands For Dogs?

Belly bands for dogs are urine-proof bands that wrap around the belly in order to isolate the male genitals. They are similar and can function to some extent as dog diapers, though they solve majorly the frequent urinating problem.

Belly bands are made to stay fixed after their application on the dog. A well-fixed belly band has very little chance of getting loose or slipping away. When a belly band is well fixed in place, the dog will become comfortable in it and can get used to it in no time.

Due to the capacity of its inner materials to absorb urine and other fluids, you will not get hold or notice any drop of urine!

Are Belly Bands Safe For Dogs?

Although, some inconveniences like not getting a proper belly band size or fixing the belly band too tight may catch your dog’s urine which may lead to harm.

Other than that, belly bands for dogs are generally very safe because of the properties of the inner material it is made of. The material gives a soft touch to your dog’s skin and does not cause irritation.

Purpose And Function Of Belly Bands For Dogs

We can generally refer to belly bands for dogs as diapers for dogs. Belly bands function as a blockade to unwanted frequent urination around your home causing damage to home appliances and gadgets.

The main purpose for the usage of belly bands is majorly for male dogs who are not trained to stay inside homes, mark their territories frequently and have urinary incontinence.

When To Decide Against Using Belly Bands On Dogs

When your dog keeps urinating because of a bladder infection or as a result of urinary incontinence, you have to consider discontinuing the use of the belly band. You may have to start looking out for other better alternative and effective approaches to contain this problem.

For some good reasons, when urination is irregular and frequent, using belly bands may be a temporary solution. Finding a permanent solution for this issue should be considered.

Also, using belly bands for other character problems like constant territorial marking and the exhibition of lack of in-house training may not be sustainable for your dog as you may not want to be fixing belly bands for your dog throughout its lifetime.

7 Pros And Cons Of Belly Bands For Dogs

Pros Of Belly Bands For Dogs

Before you give your pet a good-looking and fashionable style in belly bands, you should know that belly bands may not be an option for them. Here, we will look at a few pros and cons of belly bands for dogs.

Simple To Wash And Wear

The material used in making belly bands are quite easy to make clean by putting them into the washing machine. They do not need many beatings before they become clean.

Also, they are very easy to wear and put off. Wrapping the band around the belly and applying the pins fixes the belly band in place. Removing the pins makes the belly band go off easily.

It Maintains The Cleanliness In Your Home

For most dog lovers, this may be the major reason they decide to go for belly bands for their excited dogs. In using belly bands, you may not bother again about your pet territorially marking many areas in your home.

It Will Save You Money

Perhaps, you will not want to keep buying rugs, couches, and other important home gadgets. Getting a belly band for your dog may be a wise option!

Cons Of Belly Bands For Dogs

Here are some disadvantages to getting belly bands for dogs.

Solely A Fit For Male Dogs

If you have a female dog with urinating issues, you may have to deal with the fact that belly bands are not an option for you.

Allergies And Irritation

If your dog has allergies to clothing materials, it will become increasingly uncomfortable with belly bands.

Also, when your dog urinates in the belly band and it stays unremoved for a long period of time, irritation can often develop. Replacing a new belly band can make the irritation difficult to heal.

They Are Expensive

Belly bands can be a surplus to your budget. So it is quite important to carefully consider this before getting one.

Bathing Becomes Too Frequent

Due to frequent urination, the belly band becomes full. This seeps into your dog’s fur and causes them to have a urine stench. This will make you bathe them more in order to get rid of the smell.


Belly bands are very useful as a great tool to prevent and avoid many urinating problems ranging from hyper-excited dogs to dogs suffering from urinary incontinence. Keeping your home clean and free from your dog’s urine stench can be prevented by getting and fixing a wear-friendly belly band on your dog.

Many dog lovers have become satisfied with using belly bands on their dogs. However, it is important to know that belly bands are not long-term solutions to urinating problems.

So, it is vital to know the pros and cons of belly bands for dogs and know what is suitable for your dog.

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