My Dog Keeps Looking At My Newborn (What To Do)

My Dog Keeps Looking At My Newborn

Bringing a new baby to your home is an exciting experience, and sometimes it is challenging for your canine to get on board with this significant change.

As a parent of a newborn, you may notice that your furry companion keeps gazing at your baby like he doesn’t trust the baby. And you can’t help but wonder why.

Your dog has all the attention before your baby’s arrival, and seeing a newborn might make him feel threatened, confused, and curious. This article will let you know if your dog is safe with your baby and what to do.

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Reasons Why Your Dog Stares At Your Newborn

It is not unusual for a dog to act differently when the presence of a newborn takes over his turf. Your dog might fix his gaze on your baby and have many things going on in its mind, or it might react entirely differently.

Your dog hasn’t seen a tiny being before, so seeing one would make him want to keep looking. If your dog is looking at your newborn baby, there is a reason. Below are some of the reasons.

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1. Curiosity

Your dog is likely to be curious and can react in a way you don’t expect. The arrival of the new baby comes with a new smell and new sound. He might want to know more about the new little being.

He will just stare and generally explore everything about the newborn like sniffing at the crib or cradle. They might mean no harm and end up protectively bonding with the baby. Be sure to observe your dog with the baby in case of any signs of aggression.

2. Jealousy

Dogs are sentient beings, intelligent, emotional, and caring. Your dog can probably be jealous of the new baby’s attention and would perceive a disruption in the pecking order. Animals show jealousy too, although they will eventually accept the new baby as a family member.

3. Afraid

Your dog might be afraid and see your newborn baby as prey. If your dog is always aggressive, you shouldn’t leave them in the same room as your baby.

You must keep them separated because no kind of introduction will help. Sometimes your baby’s smells, cries, and movements may trigger a dog with a strong prey drive to attack.

Most pet dogs won’t deliberately hurt a baby, especially if introductions are done carefully. But sometimes, a few dogs will harm a baby no matter the type of introduction and training done.

And sadly, the dog’s owner will never expect something like that, especially if they don’t know how to read a dog’s behavior.

What To Do If My Dog Keeps Staring At My Baby

You might keep wondering what to do if your dog can’t get his eyes off your newborn. Well, don’t be scared your dog won’t definitely eat your baby. Dogs love attention and will always go where the attention happens. Here are a few tips on what to do;

1. Feed Your Dog Well

A hungry dog will definitely want to bite on something. Make sure you feed your dog regularly. Keeping them hungry might make them aggressive, and they end up biting your baby or toddler.

2. Keep A Close Eye On Your Dog

This is the most important thing to do. Never leave your dog together with your baby in a room. Keep them apart from each other. If you haven’t figured out what your dog thinks about your newborn baby then keeping them in separate rooms is the best option. 

3. Introduce Your Newborn To Dog

The first thing you should do after bringing home a newborn baby is to introduce him/her to your dog. Your dog might not like the new sounds, smells, and movement. Try to introduce your baby gradually so your dog will know that the baby is part of the family.

Although dogs and babies bond very easily that your dog might end up always protecting the baby. Get your dog used to the smell of your baby by allowing them to smell your baby’s crib, carriage, and swing, car seat.

4. Do Not Neglect Your Dog

Even though your newborn baby gets all the attention it’s important not to neglect your dog or they’ll feel threatened. Give it a reasonable amount of attention so it doesn’t see the baby as a competition.

How To Keep Your Baby Safe Around Your Dog

You shouldn’t joke about keeping your baby safe when you have a dog. The first way to keep your baby safe is to provide them with a baby gate to guard them away from the dog.

Another option is to put your dog on a leash when your baby is close to it. The most common way to keep your baby safe is by letting your dog sleep in a separate room. Do not leave your baby in a room with your dog.

Signs Dog Is Jealous Of Baby

Here are a few signs to look out for to know if your dog is jealous of your baby;

  • Guarding valuable things. Your dog might not let your baby play around with some useful items at home. It could be a toy, rug, or area of the room they typically sleep in. They won’t want the baby to touch any valuables in their possession.
  • They are showing aggression.
  • He always wants all the attention. They seek more attention whenever they jump and bark at you or even bite on your shoes.
  • Misbehaving and Growling.
  • Going to the bathroom instead of barking to be let out.

How To Make Your Dog Accept Your Baby

Start by introducing your baby as part of the family. Then allow your dog to get used to your baby’s smells and sounds. As a parent, you should teach your baby to be gentle, kind, respectful, and non-abusive towards the dog.

Sometimes babies try to hold or carry a dog like a stuffed animal and at the same time end up pulling its hair, poking its eyes, or even sitting on it, although this is not intentional. 

How Can I Calm My Dog Down Around My Newborn?

Always keep some tasty treats on hand in the first few days of your baby’s arrival. Remember to give your dog treats and give them enough attention.

Praise and pet them any time they stay calm and well-behaved around the baby. This will teach them to stay calm and maintain good behavior whenever the baby is nearby. Make your dog understand that the newborn baby’s arrival means good things.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my dog go crazy when he sees a baby?

This might be jealousy. They might get jealous at the arrival of a new baby in the house. Dogs can experience that same emotion of envy just like a human, especially when they feel like they now have a competition. They react in a crazy manner sometimes if a new baby is taking over the attention and affection they get.

Why is my dog obsessed with the newborn baby?

Dogs can form a strong connection with babies, and this is simply because of their natural instinct to protect the weaker ones in their pack.

Also, dogs are protective and might become protective of the baby. They see the baby as a member of the family/pack, thereby protecting and guarding it as its own.

Final Thoughts

Whenever you plan to bring home your new baby, make arrangements to keep them in a separate room, then gradually introduce your dog to the baby.

Don’t be in a hurry to introduce your baby; give them some time. If they show signs of aggression and misbehavior, such as urinating indoors, immediately correct them. Show your dog enough love and never neglect them.

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