Can A Racoon Kill A German Shepard? (ANSWERED)

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Can A Racoon Kill A German Shepard

As a curious animal lover, it is natural to wonder about the territorial hierarchy of certain animals. There are times when we’ve seen something that is quite unusual, bizarre, and unbelievable, thereby prompting us to ask questions like, “Can a raccoon kill a German shepherd?”

The answer to this query is not exactly as black and white as we think. After all, both animals are unique and have a very distinct set of skills. Raccoons, with their nocturnal nature, sharp claws and are experts in climbing and digging. They do have the potential of taking down a larger animal.

Conversely, German Shepherds are powerful canines with incredible strength, speed, and agility. Naturally, the idea of the two animals in a confrontation is both intriguing and unnerving.

While, it is highly unlikely for raccoons to target a German shepherd or fight, the possibility of aggressive raccoons launching an attack cannot be disregarded.

In this article, we will explore the potential scenario and try to determine the outcome of this rare or hypothetical face-off between a raccoon and a German shepherd.

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Strength And Weaknesses Of Raccoons & German Shepherds

Raccoons and German shepherds have very distinct sets of skills which means they both have separate strengths and weaknesses. Here is a tabular illustration;


Raccoons have sharp claws.They are small in size.
Climbing and digging skills.Limited senses.
Racccons have sharp claws.Their lifespan is quite short.
Good adaptability in urban areas.Susceptible to illnesses and diseases.
Have strong bites.Can be very aggressive towards humans and pets.

German Shepherds

German shepherds have very strong sense of smell.They are vulnerable to diseases and parasites.
They have powerful bites.German shepherds have a very strong sense of smell.
Can be trained for protection.Shorter lifespan when compared to humans.
Great speed and agility.Dogs are more susceptible to separation anxiety.

It is of essence to note that this table only lists the general strengths and weaknesses of raccoons and dogs as species. The individual characteristics of each animal may vary based on breed or species, health, and environmental factors.

Also, make sure to treat all animals with respect and care, and seek professional assistance for any wildlife or domestic pet-related concerns.

German Shepherd
Source: Hans Kemperman

Can A Racoon Kill A German Shepard?

Although it is possible for a raccoon to inflict some damage on a German Shepherd, it is highly unlikely that a raccoon could kill a German shepherd. German shepherds are much larger and stronger and more agile than raccoons.

They are instinctually protective of themselves and their owners. While raccoons are known to be aggressive and can carry out diseases that could potentially harm dogs, it is almost impossible for a raccoon to beat up a full-grown German Shepherd and talk more about killing it.

However, the best way to go is to keep your pet supervised and secured in the house or in a leash when they are out to avoid any potential confrontations with wild animals.

Reasons Why Raccoons And German Shepherds May Fight

Raccoons and German Shepherds may fight for a number of reasons. One of these reasons could be that the raccoon felt threatened by the presence of the dog. Animals such as raccoons are known to be territorial and may feel that the dog is encroaching on their space.

Similarly, a German Shepherd may see the raccoon as a threat to its territory and family. This “misunderstanding” can cause a huge fight between these two animals. Another potential reason could be that either the dog or the raccoon is protecting their food source.

Raccoons are popular scavengers and may try to raid trash cans or pet food bowls, which can cause a confrontation as it would sit well with the German Shepherd. In response to this, the dig may attack the raccoon either in self-defense or to make a point about its superiority.

That said it is very important to note that not all raccoons and German shepherds will automatically be aggressive to each other. With proper training and socialization, dogs can peacefully coexist with raccoons, squirrels, rabbits, cats, and wildlife in general.

How To Prevent A Face-Off Between Raccoons & German Shepherds

To prevent a face-off between these two animals, it is important to take necessary precautions. The following are ways to prevent confrontations;

  1. Keep your German Shepherd on a leash while outside, particularly at night when raccoons are most active. This will help prevent your dog from getting injured and getting rabies from raccoon bites.
  2. Make sure to secure your trash cans and pet food containers to avoid attracting raccoons to your property.
  3. If you notice that raccoons are frequenting your property too often, it is best to call animal control for assistance to avoid any face-offs and prevent any of these animals from getting hurt.


While it is possible for a raccoon and a German Shepherd to fight, it is very unlikely that a raccoon can kill a German Shepherd. German Shepherds are much larger and stronger than raccoons and are very protective of their owners, owner’s property, and themselves as well.

That said, it is important to take necessary precautions to prevent any potential confrontations between these animals, such as keeping pets supervised and leashed, securing trash cans and pet food containers, and avoiding confrontations with raccoons if possible.

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