What Does It Mean When A Stray Dog Follows You?

What Does It Mean When A Stray Dog Follows You

Sometimes you get followed by a random street dog, and you keep asking this question “What does it mean when a stray dog follows you” or even “Why am I being followed by a street dog”.

Dogs tend to create a special bond with their owners and share many experiences with them over time.

Have you ever wondered why some random street dog keeps following you despite the fact that they don’t share that bond with you? Well, this article will further explain some reasons and what you should and shouldn’t do.

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What Does It Mean When A Stray Dog Follows You?

People usually get followed by some random street dog with no home or owner. There is a Scottish belief attached to being followed by a stray dog. Get followed by a stray dog and get good luck.

The Scottish believe that when people are followed by a stray dog, especially a black one, they get good luck. If the dog eventually enters your house, then it’s a sign of a new relationship/friendship to come.

One that will be loyal, caring, honest, and faithful.

Is It Safe To Touch A Stray Dog?

Yes. It’s definitely safe to touch a random street dog you meet, but you must follow specific rules. You can touch a stray dog if it is wagging its tail because it’s happy or likes you.

Allow the dog to trust you enough before approaching to touch it because it might become violent and snap at you. Keep an eye on the dog’s body language. By understanding its body language, you’d be able to tell if it is safe or unsafe.

Why Am I Being Followed By A Stray Dog?

There are a lot of reasons why a stray dog is following you. They might not be a threat to you whenever you walk past them, unlike some other random dog you meet on the street who would constantly bark at you or even chase you.

1. Trust

The first reason why a stray dog is following you is that they trust you. You might wonder how a street dog you just met would trust you. Well, yes they can, and this is because they sense some kindness in you. Dogs don’t just follow people home without reason. They can sense if those people can be trusted.

2. Hunger

Another reason for this behavior is that they might be hungry. A stray dog roaming around the street definitely has no owner or destination. It has no one to feed them; they eventually fend for themselves on the street.

And if they look around and can’t find what to eat there is a tendency that they will follow you home so you can offer them food to eat. You can actually decide to adopt the dog if it doesn’t have a collar.

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3. Needs A Home

A stray dog can follow you because it needs a home/family and someone to love and feed them. They might be lonely on the street and miss having a family who will bathe them, feed them, pet them, and give them the care they need.

Since dogs live in packs they wouldn’t like to be alone and would go out looking for a potential family to take them in.

4. Seeks Attention

If dogs get abandoned or maybe lost on the street, their natural inclination will tell them to search for a new human companion because they are acclimated to staying with humans that will provide them with food and a good shelter.

If it was a puppy that got separated from its mother or pack, its natural inclination will be to look out for a new family or pack where it will be taken care of. If you respond positively to the behavior of an attention-seeking puppy, then they will try to form a bond with you so you can take them in.

What To Do When A Street Dog Follows You

The first thing you shouldn’t do when you meet a stray dog is run, because you might end up getting chased by the dog. Stay still and calm, don’t run. Running can make everything worse and you will be seen as a threat. 

Sometimes a stray dog will constantly bark at you from a distance. It’s trying to warn you to stay off limits. Or it can be friendly towards you and would want to play with you. Another thing to do when you see a random street dog is to hold your arms close to your sides and stay still.

Don’t just stare at the dog, keep your eyes focused downward and watch cautiously. They can run around you and sniff you at the same time but don’t extend your hands out because this move can be perceived as a threat.

Bottom Line

If you are constantly being followed by a particular stray dog, it’s advised you take them in or adopt them. These stray dogs you see running around the street might be in need of a home or a family. They just want a human companion who would feed, pet, care for, and shelter them.

They are not usually a threat as some would presume. If you wouldn’t want to adopt a stray dog then it’s best you contact your local animal control to come to pick them up. Because they might actually have a family somewhere looking for them.

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