Can A Bug Zapper Kill A Cat? (EXPLAINED)

Jasmine Okechukwu
Can A Bug Zapper Kill A Cat

The buzzing sound of bugs and other insects is enough to drive anyone crazy in the summer months. And as expected, many homeowners buy bug zappers to ward off these annoying and unwanted guests.

However, it is a whole different ball game for cat parents as they mostly fear for the safety of their pets. It is very relatable to wonder what happens when your curious furry friend decides to investigate the flashing light and electrifying sound from the bug zapper. Is a bug zapper dangerous enough to kill a cat?

No, the voltage in electric zappers is not strong enough to kill a cat. However, it can hurt your cat or cause more harm than it should if your cat is standing on a wet surface, so it is best to put the bug zapper in a place where your cat can not reach to secure its safety.

Although cat owners don’t really expect to ask this kind of question, you can never be too careful with cats. Now let’s closely examine bug zappers and the potential harm they can cause to cats.

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How Bug Zappers Work

You may be wondering how bug zappers kill mostly flying insects. Well, bug zappers use ultraviolet lights to attract insects over, and once the bug gets close enough to the electrical grid, they are instantly killed by electric currents.

The light from the bug zappers is designed to look like natural lights or other forms of light that interest insects enough to fly close. When the bug or insect has been killed, it falls into a collection tray where the remains can easily be thrown out.

It is good to know that bug zappers can also attract other animals such as bats, birds, and sometimes out of curiosity, cats; these animals can get caught up in them and get harmed.

Potential Risk Of Bug Zappers To Cats

Although bug zappers can hardly kill cats, there are several other harms they can cause to them. One thing for sure is that if your cat comes in contact with a bug zapper when it is active, it will receive an electrical shock.

This is certain, especially when it is standing on a wet surface, or its nose or paws are wet.

Also, there is a high chance that the dead insect will attract your cat and attempt to eat them. If your cat eventually eats these insects, the chemical used to treat the bug zapper, which has contaminated the bug, can cause digestive issues or even food poisoning.

Another potential risk is that cats prone to seizures or other neurological issues can be triggered by the bright lights from bug zappers.

Precautions To Take When Using Bug Zappers Around Cats

If you want to use your bug zapper and you have a cat around, here are some preventive measures to take note of;

  1. Remember to keep bug zapper out of your cat’s reach.
  2. Before using a bug zapper, read the manufacturer’s instructions and warning labels.
  3. Supervise your cat anytime the zapper is in use, and your cat hangs around it.
  4. Get rid of the insect remains in the collection and try to prevent your cat from ingesting them.
  5. You can use other alternative methods to ensure your cat’s safety.

Alternatives Of Bug Zapper For Homes With Cats

If you are a cat owner and you are still concerned with using bug zappers around cats, here are several alternatives to consider;

  1. Citronella candles
  2. Insect repellent sprays
  3. Fly swatters and sticky traps
  4. Celling or standing fans
  5. Seal off entry points where bugs come into the house.

Sum Up

Direct contact with bug zappers can lead to serious injury to cats, and ingesting insects killed by the bug zapper can cause digestive issues or poisoning.

So it is important to take the preventive measures mentioned in this article. Better still, you can also use bug zappers alternatives to secure your cat’s safety.

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