Blue Heeler Pomeranian Mix: A Complete Guide To Pomheelers

Blue Heeler Pomeranian Mix

This Blue Heeler Pomeranian Mix is a special rare breed that can be perfect for your family. This is a mix between the most energetic dog (heeler) and the cute, adorable dog (pomeranian).  

With its striking appearance and combination of two different breeds’ personalities, the Pomheeler is an ideal family pet that makes a great companion for kids and adults of all ages.

However, like any other dog breed, the Pomheeler has its own set of characteristics and needs that potential owners should consider before making a commitment.

In this guide, we will cover everything you need to know about the Blue Heeler Pomeranian Mix, from its physical and personality traits to its care requirements and health concerns.

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What Is A Blue Heeler Pomeranian Mix?

The Blue Heeler Pomeranian Mix is a mix between the American Cattle Dog (blue heeler) and the Pomeranian. This mix originated in the United States and is known to be very intelligent, energetic, hard-working, interesting, and affectionate.

This mix can be a perfect watchdog for your family and home. This article will enable you to understand what the Blue Heeler Pomenarian mix is all about and if it’s the perfect pet for your family or not. Everything you need to know about this mix will be detailed in this guide.

Blue Heeler Pomeranian Mix Physical Appearance

You might wonder what the appearance of this mix might look like. Well, appearance here includes the cost, color, and size.

1. Coat

The coat of this mix can be a combination of both parent breeds or even a single-parent breed. Therefore we would look at its parent coats.

The blue heeler has a sturdy and stoic body built with short hair on it. On the other hand, the Pomeranian comes with a thick medium-sized coat that is double-layered.

They tend to shed from time to time, but this depends on the location and season. The blue heeler pomeranian mix can either carry the coat of a blue heeler or that of the pomeranian. Or they can carry a mixture of both parent breeds.

White Pomeranian
Source: Boredathome101//Wikimedia Commons

2. Color

The color of a blue heeler pomeranian mix will usually come in blue. But if the mix inherits most of the physical attributes of the pomeranian side, then you should be looking at a white, brown, or orange color. 

Since most people would want the mix to come in blue, a popular color combination, it will cost a fortune to adopt one.

3. Size

When it comes to their size, the blue heeler pomeranian mix can be either a medium-sized pup just like the blue heeler, or a small size pup, just like the pomeranian.

The Pomeranians are cute adorable lap dogs usually adopted as pets. The blue heeler is a working dog with a strong body build.

About The Australian Cattle Dog Pomeranian Mix

You can’t actually determine the exact weight, height, and lifespan of a blue heeler pomeranian mix because it can come in different weights, heights, and lifespans depending on the traits it inherited most.

Each mixed breed will come in different weight, height, and lifespan but by merely looking at their parents’ breed you can know what to expect from them.

A blue heeler weighs around 35 to 45 pounds. At the same time, a pomeranian weighs around 3 to 7 pounds. So you should expect a Blue Heeler Pomeranian Mix to weigh around 9 to 25 pounds.

A blue heeler has a height of about 17 to 20 inches. At the same time, a pomeranian has a height of about 11 to 15 inches. This means a Blue Heeler Pomeranian Mix should have a height of about 11 to 18 inches.

The lifespan of both parent breeds is the same, and they can live up to 12 to 15 years. This is also the same for the mix.

Pomeranian Blue Heeler Temperament

Each puppy mix will be different from the others because they will inherit different special physical traits and behavior from their parents.

The temperament of a blue heeler pomeranian mix depends on the parent side they inherit most. We have gathered some interesting information about their temperament from a few owners of the blue heeler pomeranian mix.

They are good around kids and can get along pretty well, but this is only if they are properly trained and socialized at an early age. They can be very protective of their owners and can be good watchdogs. You can consider adopting this mix breed if you are going for a watchdog.

They are active and energetic dogs and would need regular exercise to keep their high energy level low. Leaving them indoors or on their own for too long without physical activities can make them bored and destructive.

And sometimes, for some reason, Pomeranians, a parent of this breed mix, have been reported to stop wagging its tail. So it’s recommended you take them out for exercise regularly so you don’t have to come back to a house looking scattered or rather destroyed.

They can start biting or chewing your belongings whenever they feel ignored or need some petting time. Make sure you keep them company and give them the attention they seek for at least one hour per day.

Since they are very playful dogs, they will enjoy playing outside with your kids. This will kill their boredom and that of your kids. You can consider adopting a blue-heeler pomeranian mix since they are good around families with kids.

How To Groom For A Blue Heeler Pomeranian Mix

This is a vital role to maintain when it comes to keeping your dog clean and in good health. Daily brushing is required. Brush for 15 to 25 minutes daily with a slicker comb to get rid of accumulated dirt and loose fur.

Their nails should be examined regularly to avoid breakage and also, the footpads should be cared for in case they get dry or damaged. To avoid any teeth problems or concerns, brush regularly.

Bathing may not be daily. But if they love outdoor activities, they will need regular bathing rather than an indoor dog. Regular ear cleaning should be added to this hybrid’s grooming routine.

Pomeranian Heeler Mix Health Problems

Every mixed breed originating in the United States comes with some hereditary health issues inherited from each parent’s genetics.

This actually means that a blue heeler pomeranian mix can inherit some genetic health problems with time. Make sure you adopt a healthy puppy from a genuine breeder in order to avoid any inherited health problems. Also, make sure that its health insurance has been covered before adoption.

Make sure you give your dog a proper meal and avoid foods with lots of grain as this can be harmful to them. Feeding them with high-quality food like fiber and protein is recommended.

Certain health issues can develop in your blue heeler pomeranian mix with time. It may or may not be a serious case, but this depends on their diet and what was inherited from their parents.

Health problems in a blue heeler pomeranian mix include cataracts and cardiomyopathy. Aside from that they can develop other minor health issues like allergies, watery eyes, eye problems, and excessive shedding.

We carried out research and found out that this hybrid is susceptible to issues like hip dysplasia, hyperglycemia, dental problems, and corneal dystrophy.

We interviewed two blue heeler pomeranian mix owners, who confirmed not to have found any health issues mentioned earlier. However, one of them noted that the only health concern they faced was cataracts which were very easy to handle.

Source: Rob Hanson//Wikimedia Commons

Heeler Pomeranian Mix Diet And Food Requirements

Feeding your canine healthy meals is a must. Do not feed your dog food containing lots of grain because they are harmful to their health. Give your dog high-quality food like chicken, turkey, and lamb.

You can also add vegetables and fruits to their diet. Stop giving your dog leftover food from the kitchen.

Before purchasing dog food it’s essential to do proper research on what food to avoid that can be harmful to the pomeranian blue heeler mix.

Adopting A Blue Heeler Pomenarian Mix

You can get a Blue Heeler Pomeranian Mix puppy for $200 to $700, depending on the quality or the location of the puppy.

This mix can also be sold for a higher price if they come with a unique color combination from a genuine breeder who offers health insurance. Aside from that, this hybrid is a high-maintenance dog and will cost you at least $200 per month.

To adopt or buy this pup, you can look out for a genuine or well-known breeder around your environment. You can also do research online to see if you can get anyone close to your location. If you don’t know where to search for one, check out some of the websites I shared below.

Wrapping Up

The Blue Heeler Pomeranian Mix or the Pomheeler is a charming, faithful, and loyal companion that can make an excellent addition to any family. Its unique combination of two different breeds makes it a special and exciting breed to own.

However, the Pomheeler requires proper care and training to thrive as a pet.

As a responsible owner, it’s important to provide your Pomheeler with plenty of exercises, socialization, and mental stimulation to keep them happy and healthy

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